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A Merry Christmas 2008 to Nordic Walkers Everywhere

I'd like to wish all readers of 'Nordic Walking News' and Nordic Walkers everywhere a very happy and peaceful Christmas 2007.

Thank you for supporting Nordic Walking News throughout the year as well as my other projects / publications:

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Happy Christmas and Happy Nordic Walking...

David Downer
Owner / Editor - Nordic Walking News
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Tim "T Bone" Arem 'America's Health & Fitness Ambassador' brings Nordic Walking Across America program to Tampa, Florida

The lightning Foundation ( the foundation of the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Team) and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida have joined forces to sponsor "Fit Families for Life," a season-long program focused on helping families make significant changes in exercise routines, eating habits and general wellness.

On January 12, 2008 as part of this initiative, America's Health & Fitness Ambassador, Tim "T-Bone" Arem will be bringing his Nordic Walking Across America program to Academy Prep Center for Education in Tampa. Mr. Arem author of the book Nordic Walking: A Total Body Experience will lead Nordic walking classes for the children during the day and one workshop for parents in the evening.

Academy Prep Center for Education is a college program for children who meet the criteria for the Federal Free and Reduced Meals Program (at or below the federally-calculated poverty line). Each grade level (5-8) is comprised of 30 students, split evenly between girls and boys. Academy Prep believes parents must be directly involved in the lives of their children at school.

The school requires that each family provide up to 50 service hours each year. The mission of Academy Prep is to promote the educational, social and ethical development of middle school students who qualify for need-based scholarships and have the ability and desire to succeed in a rigorous academic program to become positive, productive members of society.

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What fits your busy schedule better? Exercising 1 hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?... Nordic Walking helps Jenny turn her life around!

"What fits your busy schedule better? Exercising 1 hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day"? ...

...Rather a dramatic title don't you think? Well that's exactly the question Jenny was asked by her Doctor who wanted to prescribe a program that included 30 minutes of Nordic Walking a day.

Now, if you've ever been tempted to 'self diagnose' symptoms and then to 'self prescribe' medication then please read on!

"In North America: There are over 2 million serious adverse drug reactions each year. Over 100,000 deaths occur yearly due to adverse drug reactions According to the Journal of the American Medical association (JAMA); most serious (often fatal) adverse drug events are preventable. To illustrate the problem of adverse drug reactions, we are going to use a case study of a patient named Jenny...."

"Jenny presented to her physician with the following symptoms: Anxiety, Headaches, Fatigue Low back pain The medical examination findings revealed...

"Instead of reporting the symptoms to her doctor, Jenny decided to self medicate..."

"After several minutes of a heated discussion, the chiropractor proposed the following treatment program. 1. Walk 30 minutes daily with Nordic Walking poles...

"Jenny finally agreed to the treatment program and has never looked back since. After 2 months of following her treatment plan Jenny has...

To read the full article visit:

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Nordic Walking Newbie takes first faltering steps and lives to tell the tale!

Here's a new Nordic Walking Blog set up by Nordic Walking News reader Tom Cunliffe:

Tom has recently taken up Nordic Walking. He decided to learn the ropes from an instructor (always a wise decision) on the South Coast of England and the first entries on Tom's Blog tell the story.

Quotes from Tom's Blog...

"Lesson 1 was cancelled twice because of the terrible weather we have been having on the South Coast in the last few weeks..."

"I am sure I have never walked like a gorilla before, but the mere mention of the possibility seemed to get me doing it - another example of where its sometimes best not to concentrate!"

"After 20 minutes or so, the weather began to worsen. Waves were bursting over the sea-wall, depositing dollops of water on the promenade. "

"I am proud to say that I caught up and overtook the others before reaching the Martello Tower again. Clearly I have a nasty competitive streak in me."

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Activity is best remedy for winter back pain

"Cold, wet autumn and winter weather often leads to back problems. But that does not mean sufferers should lay back and hope the pain will go away"... says Reinhold Schneiderhan, President of the German Spinal League.

"Nordic Walking and cross-country skiing are all healthy for the back"...

For the full article visit:

David Downer

Friday, December 07, 2007


Nordic Walkers ~ Win a Sunshine Holiday on Australia's Gold Coast Courtesy of Marko Kantaneva

As many of our readers of Nordic Walking News Blog know, Marko Kantenava is one of Nordic Walking's pioneers. Marko was teaching Nordic Walking in Finland as far back as 1994. Marko was instrumental in the development of Exel's first Nordic Walking poles in 1997 and he went on to become Exel's Pole line manager. He was also INWA's original head trainer and he wrote the INWA instructor training program.

Marko is currently running a customer promotion in his Nordic Walking 'Pad Store' - a 'Sunshine Break' lottery whereby the lucky winner will Nordic Walk away with a Sunshine Holiday on Australia's Gold Coast...

...Sat here in a wet, miserable UK right now I could definately do with some sunshine and warmth :-(

Marko's webstore has many Nordic Walking products including -

- UniFit-Replacement Pole Straps suitable for 'all known pole grips'
- Poles
- Gloves
- Books
- Accessories
- etc

In addition to 'Pad Store' you will find lots of interesting information on Marko's website.

You can access Marko's 'Pad Store' via:

David Downer
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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Last Chance to Order Nordic Walking Gifts / Apparel for Xmas Delivery

If you are ouside of the USA and you are planning to order 'Nordic Walking' T Shirts / Nordic Walking Sweats Shirts / Nordic Walking Golf Shirts / Other Apparel / Hats / Nordic Walking Xmas Novelty Gifts / Nordic Walking Gifts for your Dog / Buttons / Badges etc "in time for Xmas delivery", the deadline to place your order with "Cafe Press" is 7th December...

If you haven't checked out these great 'Nordic Walking' gifts / apparel

Also available from this website is the 'physical version' of my book "Nordic Walking Step by Step"

David Downer
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