Friday, December 07, 2007


Nordic Walkers ~ Win a Sunshine Holiday on Australia's Gold Coast Courtesy of Marko Kantaneva

As many of our readers of Nordic Walking News Blog know, Marko Kantenava is one of Nordic Walking's pioneers. Marko was teaching Nordic Walking in Finland as far back as 1994. Marko was instrumental in the development of Exel's first Nordic Walking poles in 1997 and he went on to become Exel's Pole line manager. He was also INWA's original head trainer and he wrote the INWA instructor training program.

Marko is currently running a customer promotion in his Nordic Walking 'Pad Store' - a 'Sunshine Break' lottery whereby the lucky winner will Nordic Walk away with a Sunshine Holiday on Australia's Gold Coast...

...Sat here in a wet, miserable UK right now I could definately do with some sunshine and warmth :-(

Marko's webstore has many Nordic Walking products including -

- UniFit-Replacement Pole Straps suitable for 'all known pole grips'
- Poles
- Gloves
- Books
- Accessories
- etc

In addition to 'Pad Store' you will find lots of interesting information on Marko's website.

You can access Marko's 'Pad Store' via:

David Downer
Author -


Last Saturday's walk on the seafront near Brighton was about as much the opposite of sunny Oz as you could get - rain, gales, the sea crashing over the prom. Ever had to cope with the poles blowing off to the side every time you lift them off the deck? Great stuff.
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