Monday, December 24, 2007


Nordic Walking Newbie takes first faltering steps and lives to tell the tale!

Here's a new Nordic Walking Blog set up by Nordic Walking News reader Tom Cunliffe:

Tom has recently taken up Nordic Walking. He decided to learn the ropes from an instructor (always a wise decision) on the South Coast of England and the first entries on Tom's Blog tell the story.

Quotes from Tom's Blog...

"Lesson 1 was cancelled twice because of the terrible weather we have been having on the South Coast in the last few weeks..."

"I am sure I have never walked like a gorilla before, but the mere mention of the possibility seemed to get me doing it - another example of where its sometimes best not to concentrate!"

"After 20 minutes or so, the weather began to worsen. Waves were bursting over the sea-wall, depositing dollops of water on the promenade. "

"I am proud to say that I caught up and overtook the others before reaching the Martello Tower again. Clearly I have a nasty competitive streak in me."

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