Thursday, October 18, 2007


Are Expensive Shoes Better?


For some interesting findings published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine on the topic "Are Expensive Shoes Better"? - Check out Wendy Bumgardner's Walking Blog at :

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Nordic Walking Step by Step - Instructor Testimonial

Hi David,

I happened on your book while surfing the web the other day and have got my pdf copy and already getting some great insight and tips!!

I have been teaching Nordic Walking in Alberta, Canada, I am very excited to be on the ground floor (for Canada) of this fabulous cardio workout!! I am affiliated with keenfit a company in B.C. Canada. We offer free clinics and then poles purchased through us are then delivered by us to the customer.

I have several Nordic Walking groups going now and today is my start date of hill training. I have definitely taken some pointers from your book. I love the plyometrics and I will introduce that to a fit fellow who is willing to give Nordic Walking a try, that along with his blades.

I seem to be attracting 50 plus age group, the fitter people seem to think it a little lame but I intend to change their view on it. I think I will implement the fartlek approach also in the not too distant future, perhaps the fitter people will come.

Anyway nice to have happened upon your book, thanks for the insight, it is a wonderful reference. I will certainly recommend it to my walking groups.

Claire Maceachen
Alberta, Canada

To view more testimonials visit:

Follow Up Next Day -

Hi David,

Hill training went fantastic, I had a lady in her early 50’s who was as fit as a fiddle. She loved the idea of the plyometrics and it will take a few more of her at that fitness level to get my advanced class going, very exciting... Claire

Monday, October 01, 2007


Friends Will Be Friends - The Spirit of Nordic Walking

Here's a link to a really inspirational short video with a great soundtrack that shows what a fun sport Nordic Walking really is. It certainly captures the spirit of the sport...

It has been submitted by our Nordic Walking friends at 'Botsport' in Hungary and features a recent get together organised by the Botsport Team to celebrate the 'Botsport's' birthday and the birthday's of certain Botsport members. Watch for the 'birthdate' subtitles throughout the movie (nice touch).


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