Friday, September 14, 2007


Keeping track of your Nordic Walking routes with GPS

Here is a new FREE web application which may well be of interest to Nordic Walkers who currently use or are considering using GPS technology...

Note: GPS (Global Positioning System) has become a widely used aid to navigation worldwide. GPS also provides a precise time reference used in many applications including scientific study of earthquakes, and synchronization of telecommunications networks.

Trip Tracker SPORTSMATE (TTSM) [] is a free web application that offers its users the ability to analyze their sport or recreation activities. By means of the web application and logging GPS-data it is possible to see the taken routes on a map or on satellite pictures. It is even possible to 'fly' above your own route with the satellite pictures as background.

When the user has taken pictures on his route, he or she is able to upload these pictures to his trip. The web application will do the rest by putting these pictures on the place were the pictures were taken. The user’s statistics can be analyzed by means of graphs, depending on the wishes of the type of user and the activity being done, from running and cycling, to riding in a balloon and of course Nordic Walking.

You only need a GPS-data logger to use this web application. All types of users can upload their data to the application. The possible functions for each type of user are among other things:


- To see holidays again, watch trips on satellite pictures and maps.
- ‘Fly’ above your vacation and trips with the satellite pictures as background.
- Watch a slideshow of your own holiday pictures where at the same time the pictures are shown on the location where they were taken. When you'll make your own travel diary you can invite your friends to watch your trips.
- Invite friends and acquaintances to watch your vacations and trips.
- Keep up a travel log to inform your friends and family at home.

Recreation Preparation:

- It is possible to see trips, pictures, satellite pictures and read stories of the surroundings where people already have been.
- Experience the same wonderful feeling by printing a beautiful trip!


- When using TTSM software/hardware watch training factors such as speed, distance, height, draw the taken route, etc.
- Compare different training results with each other and publish your results.
- Watch sport activities with the satellite pictures as background and ‘fly’ above it in real time with the play function.
- Share trainings results with other members of your sports club.
- The ability to live (in real time, with a delay of only one second) follow sportsmen (individual, in club association or during sport events).

To check out the FREE Trip Tracker SPORTSMATE (TTSM) go to:

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