Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Testimonial: No more sit ups or push ups unless I want to!

I'm new to Nordic Walking, but I'm already seeing progress after doing this technique for one month. I have more energy, I'm toning up and I've become popular on the walking tracks in Nashville, TN. People ask me about the poles, and when I explain to them about the Nordic Walking concept, they want to know where they can purchase the poles. And best of all, I get my strength training and cardio in one package. That means no more sit ups or push ups unless I want to.

JOHN from Nashville, TN. USA

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Canadian Event Welcomes Nordic Walkers!

The 2007 Marathon by the Sea in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada is being held on Sunday September 23 and this year their is a new category for Nordic Walkers...

...The organisers have added a 21-kilometer Nordic Walking demonstration event.

...In addition, to the 21K event Nordic Walkers are welcome to participate for recreation in any of the running events, including the 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathons...

Full details at: http://www.marathonbythesea.com

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Nordic Walking Friendly Events

For those who fancy a Nordic Walking challenge the place to be on Sunday October 7th 2007 is Portland, Oregan, USA.

The Portland Marathon is one of the world's longest established mass marathon events and for the 3rd year running The Portland is "Nordic Walking friendly!"

This year's event, once again sposored by 'Fittrek', has been expanded to offer something for all fitness, ages and skill levels of Nordic Walkers!

Events include:

- Marathon Distance (26.2 mile) Nordic Walking Championship

- 5 mile Nordic Walking Championship.

- 10K Mayor's Fun Nordic Walk

There's a workshop being held for 'race directors' who may be considering including Nordic Walking in their running or walking event and a workshop too for would be 'judges'.

So, if you can get to Portland on October 7th 2007, check out the event website:


Sunday, August 05, 2007


Testimonial - There's no looking back!

I started walking for 40 minutes early in the morning just over a month ago as part of a program to loose weight. I had been walking on a treadmill which I found rather tedious. A few weeks ago I saw someone walking in the park using poles and shortly after that a colleague of mine mentioned that she Nordic Walks and was quite effusive about it, so I decided to have a go.

I bought poles, booked a session with an instructor and have Nordic Walked now just about every day since! I am aware that I have used parts of my body that I wasn't using when "normal" walking.

I have a problem with one shoulder, but in this past week the mobility in that shoulder has increased. I have found that my heart rate is higher than it usually is on the flat, and that I take about 10% fewer steps over the same distance compared with walking without poles, in more or less the same time.

So I am hooked! The comments and looks don't worry me, and yesterday a lady stopped me to ask about the poles. I have recruited my mother and put out feelers to find other walkers in my area. It looks as if this will take off - There's no looking back!

C June Barnes
Hastings, UK

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