Sunday, May 22, 2011


World Nordic Walking Day - Update

Following a very pleasant lunch out with our family in celebration of my mum's 91st Birthday, I went for a quick blast with my poles along the sea front at Sandbanks, Poole (south coast UK) as my contribution to World Nordic Walking Day...

Enjoyed the wonderful sights of Poole Bay and in the far distance the Purbeck Hills and the famous landmark - "Old Harry Rocks".

Walked as far as the Haven Hotel at Haven Point (the entrance to Poole Harbour - World's second largest natural harbour, after Sydney Australia)...

Note: One of the Hotel's claims to fame (there's a plaque on the side gate) is that Guglielmo Marconi established a wireless transmitter at the Haven in 1899, and carried out some of his first wireless telegraphy experiments from the hotel.

Haven't used my Exerstrider Nordic Walking poles for a while now but today I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As someone who has usually opted for strapped poles, it feels a little strange to start with not having the straps but I soon got into my stride and enjoyed the experience. Great quality poles.

My walk lasted almost an hour. Not so many people on the beach front today - turned out slightly overcast and blustery. But it certainly blew out the cobwebs after quite a filling lunch.

David Downer
Author: Nordic Walking Step By Step

** Check out our Yahoo Groups Nordic Walking eCommunity Forum "Here" and check out what other Nordic Walkers did to celebrate World Nordic Walking Day.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Ministry Of Silly Nordic Walks


Sorry Marko - Couldn't resist this one....

Original European Pole Walking pioneer Marko Kantaneva (originally from Finland, now residing in Estonia, demonstrating a very unusual Nordic Walking technique.

David Downer
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World Nordic Walking Day 2011

World Nordic Walking Day - What a shame this INWA organised event on Sunday (22nd May) isn't better promoted. I wonder what the big secret is? Same happened last year - we found out about it at the last minute...

Anyway - Look - It's World Nordic Walking Day on Sunday (22nd May)! Here is the official INWA website announcement:

If you are interested contact INWA in your country and find out where your nearest organised event is. Failing that why not just go out there with your poles on Sunday and have a Nordic Walk in recognition of World Nordic Walking Day (regardless of your Nordic Walking affiliations.... or not)

Also pop over to our Forum at and let us know what you are going to do to celebrate World Nordic Walking Day and then report back after the event to let us know how you got on!

OK - To get the ball rolling - I will do one of my regular Nordic Walks - along the sea front in my home town of Poole on the south coast of UK. It will probably be a 4 miler. Haven't got time to do more as we have a busy family day on Sunday - We are out and about celebrating my mother's 91st birthday.

David Downer
Forum Owner

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