Monday, December 24, 2007


Tim "T Bone" Arem 'America's Health & Fitness Ambassador' brings Nordic Walking Across America program to Tampa, Florida

The lightning Foundation ( the foundation of the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Team) and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida have joined forces to sponsor "Fit Families for Life," a season-long program focused on helping families make significant changes in exercise routines, eating habits and general wellness.

On January 12, 2008 as part of this initiative, America's Health & Fitness Ambassador, Tim "T-Bone" Arem will be bringing his Nordic Walking Across America program to Academy Prep Center for Education in Tampa. Mr. Arem author of the book Nordic Walking: A Total Body Experience will lead Nordic walking classes for the children during the day and one workshop for parents in the evening.

Academy Prep Center for Education is a college program for children who meet the criteria for the Federal Free and Reduced Meals Program (at or below the federally-calculated poverty line). Each grade level (5-8) is comprised of 30 students, split evenly between girls and boys. Academy Prep believes parents must be directly involved in the lives of their children at school.

The school requires that each family provide up to 50 service hours each year. The mission of Academy Prep is to promote the educational, social and ethical development of middle school students who qualify for need-based scholarships and have the ability and desire to succeed in a rigorous academic program to become positive, productive members of society.

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Hi Tim,
I am a LEKI trained instructor and have been teaching to a large variety of groups but not much to children. I will be teaching Nordic Walking at Wisconsin's HPERD State Meeting. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for me regarding promoting Nordic Walking with children specifically and with schools?
Thank you. I appreciate your expertise. Also, I'd love to give the group your info. How do schools apply for being one of the 20 schools that you visit each year? Thanks, Bonnie Dau
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