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Nordic Walking Poles and Airport Luggage Handlers

I received an email from one of my personal clients recently concerning an unfortunate experience transporting brand new one piece poles on an airplane. Here is part of that email and my reply...

"When I had to check in for the flight back I just tied the top and bottom of my poles together and checked them in. At the luggage desk I was disturbed to hear they just put them through the normal luggage system (I assumed they would be individually handled by the airline). When after the flight I eventually retrieved them from the baggage conveyor they were slightly scratched but fortunately not bent.

Is there a standard method of flying with your poles? It would have taken just one large suitcase to land across them and they would be written off. A soft traveling bag would stop scratches but not bending."

My answer:

When travelling by air you need to make sure your poles are adequately protected. Probably the best solution I have heard of, is to wrap the poles in 'bubble wrap' or some other protective layer and encase them in some plastic piping, the sort you buy at a plumbing store. Buy a couple of end caps and tape the ends and you have well protected poles.

Note: You will probably need to check them in as oversized baggage and after the flight go to the oversize baggage collection area to retrieve them.

I have used cardboard postal tubing myself and someone else has suggested pipe lagging, again from a plumbing store.

Now when I'm travelling I tend to pack my telescopic poles which fit nicely in my suitcase.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Nordic Walking Step by Step by David Downer (The First Nordic Walking Book Written in English).


Nordic Walking Step by Step was the first Nordic Walking book written in the English language. It has sold in over 60 countries across the world and has received high acclaim, from Nordic Walking enthusiasts and industry experts alike.


“Thanks for such a great book. Very easy to read, good to understand and very logical explanations. I just love reading it. I haven’t found anything I would change, honestly.”

Steffi Muella, ANWA Level 2 Instructor, Tauranga, New Zealand

                          *** Available as a Downloadable eBook or as a Paperback ***



“I am very much impressed with your book and grateful to have it. As someone just considering actively pursuing Nordic Walking, the timing of you book and its content could not have been better. It is clearly written, well illustrated and has all the information I was seeking.”

Bill VanGorder, President & CEO, Lung Association of Nova Scotia, Canada.

The information in Nordic Walking Step by Step is as valid today (in 2013) as it was when it was written in 2006

The book includes:
 In fact you could call Nordic Walking Step by Step the complete guide to Nordic Walking.


“This is truly an inspiring compilation of mostly everything one should or could know about Nordic Walking.”
Blitz Murphy, Harrison, Idaho, USA.

It's the book the author would have loved to have been able to buy and read when researching about Nordic Walking on day one. – 5 Star Rating For Nordic Walking Step by Step

Nordic Walking Step by Step has received a 5 Star Rating from Walking Guide Wendy Bumgardner. Wendy says:

“This book has the best instruction I have seen for how to do Nordic Walking”

If you are new to Nordic walking this book probably answers every question you can think of - In fact there's an extensive FAQ's section towards the end, to cover questions that are not answered in the main body of the book.


“It’s a fabulous read; clear, succinct and engaging, I read ‘The 10 Steps’, went outside with my new poles and was Nordic Walking perfectly within 20 minutes. I am able to get my heart rate up to 130 – 140 BPM versus 125 – 130 BPM when I used to run. Again, the book is terrific!”

Howard Book, M.D. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

30 Day Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee

Nordic Walking Step by Step comes with a 30 Day Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee. If you are not delighted with your copy simply request your refund.

To purchase Nordic Walking Step by Step visit:


"Congratulations on your book! It is so great to have a Nordic Walking resource written in English. You did a great job delivering simple, direct and concise information.”

Maree Farnsworth, Director & Training Manager – Pole Attraction (now Nordic Academy), Nordic Walking Master Trainer, Forest Hill, Victoria, Australia.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Want to experience the full benefits of Nordic Walking? Then Learn the correct technique

In May 2006 at the German Nordic Fitness Association Conference, it was reported that a study conducted by Dr. Thorwesten of the University of Munster, Germany, showed that muscle exertion in the arms (11-14%), core and legs increased when walking with poles, as opposed to regular walking, and the participant’s endurance increased significantly...

However, highlighting the importance of technique, the benefits were seen only in those who used the correct Nordic Walking technique!

Also reported at the same conference, a study conducted by Dr. Schwameder of the University of Salzburg, Austria, found that Nordic Walking increased metabolic rates by 12-25% compared to walking without poles.

However again, the benefits were seen only in those who used the correct Nordic Walking technique!

Shows how important it is to learn the correct technique!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Nordic Walking Holidays - Nordic Walk The Corfu Trail (Greece)

The most northerly of Greek Islands ~ Kerkyra known in English as Corfu, is situated in the Ionian Sea, lying just off the coast of Albania and mainland Greece. It is about 40 miles long and about 20 miles wide at it broadest point and it’s capital is Corfu Town.

Visit Corfu and you will see dramatic mountains and sweeping hillsides covered by silvery olive trees from which majestic cypress trees stand up proud. There are flashes of colour at every roadside. The countryside is strewn with wildflowers and beautiful aromas ignite the air.

In summer, rambling bougainvillaea, geraniums and plumbago cloak village houses and town balconies and in autumn when grapes, nuts and orchards ripen, the island becomes a shimmering sea of purple and gold.

The countryside gives way to stunning coastlines, from fine sandy beaches to white pebble bays and rocky coves. Odysseus the legendary Greek hero (known to the Romans as Ulysses) was said to have been shipwrecked at 'Ermones Bay' on the islands western coast.

Corfu was once home to world famous author and naturalist Gerald Durrell and was the setting for Durrell’s books – My Family and Other Animals: Birds Beasts and Relatives and The Garden of the Gods.
“My childhood in Corfu shaped my life. If I had the craft of Merlin, I would give every child the gift of my childhood.” ~ Gerald Durrell

Prince Philip of Greece who renounced his royal title to marry Princess Elizabeth (now Queen of England), was born at ‘Mon Repos’, the island summer residence of the Greek Royal family.

Ok – Enough of the Geography and History lesson…

It was on my most recent visit to Corfu that I had the pleasure of meeting Hilary Paipeti. Hilary is the editor of 'The Corfiot' - Corfu's English Language Monthly Magazine. As a Nordic Walker, I was particularly keen to meet Hilary as she is also the originator of the Corfu Trail and the author of the book 'The Companion Guide to the Corfu Trail'.
The Corfu Trail winds it's way from the South to the North of the Island, taking in mountains and olive groves, rough footpaths, cobbled mule paths, dirt and gravel tracks, minor roads, beaches and of course sensational view points and places of historical interest.

The Trail presents the Nordic Walker the opportunity to experience the ‘Real Corfu – The Jewel in the Crown of the Ionian Sea' and my favorite place on Earth! The trail is way marked by small yellow signs with the mark CT on them. Between signs there are yellow paint marks and arrows to confirm you are ‘on track’, although these are kept to a minimum to avoid interfering with the natural environment.

The up-keep of the trail is organized by a team of local volunteers. I think a nice touch is that ‘The Corfu Trail Foundation’ (a non-profit organization) asks all users for a donation of just 3 Euros to go towards the upkeep of the trail.

Although I have yet to find the time to walk the whole trail, I have given my trustee Nordic Walking poles a run out (or should I say walk out) on several sections. However, next year I have promised myself to take a fortnight out to walk the whole trail…and really get to experience the full beauty of this Ionian paradise.

Why not join me and walk the Corfu Trail in 2007? ....If there is enough interest, Nordic Walking News will co-ordinate a holiday group ?

If the idea appeals to you – Let me know by emailing: . A Holiday Tour Operator will make all the necessary arrangements, which will include appointing a travel agent in Corfu to look after transportation and accommodation requirements on the island. For those who couldn't or who wouldn't want to walk the whole trail (222km / 138 miles), perhaps we could have the option of a one week package to walk half the trail?

Bearing in mind that Nordic Walking News has subscribers in over 40 countries / territories around the world – This holiday would be open to everyone no matter where in the world they live! I should point out that the Island is very accessible, although even if there is not a direct flights to the island from your country, if you fly to Athens (the Greek Capital) you can take a short connecting flight to the island from there.

So remember... If the idea of joining a group of Nordic Walkers to Nordic Walk the Corfu Trail in 2007 interests you in principle, let me know by emailing: . I will put you on my list and send you further information in due course (don't worry - you won't be obligated in any way by joining the list!)

Facts about The Corfu Trail

Length = 222 km (138 miles)
Highest Point = 900 meters
Lowest Point = Sea Level
Time = 10 – 12 days to Nordic Walk the whole trail
Best Months = February – mid June & mid-September – November

For further details of the Corfu Trail visit:

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Gottfried Kürmer - Leading Nordic Walking expert and Master Coach joins ANWA

Leading Nordic Walking expert and Master Coach Gottfried Kürmer has joined ANWA (American Nordic Walking Association) as the Director of Education & Technical Development. Having initially trained in Finland in the early days of Nordic Walking there, Gottfried became one of the original Nordic Walking Master Trainers in Austria.

Gottfried brings to ANWA expertise in fitness education, training, and development. His background includes being responsible for the Nordic Walking department at pole manufacturer Leki. Gottfried is recognized for his outstanding combination of technical knowledge, training style, and delivery technique.

His decision to join ANWA, as Director of Education & Technical Development, was driven by his desire to help fulfill ANWA’s mission: 'To promote and expand Nordic Walking through all of North America'.

According to Gottfried - “Now is the right time to bring the best possible Nordic Walking education to North America."

In addition to enhancements to ANWA’s education and training programs Gottfried, who is also an ANWA Master Coach, will conduct training sessions at several of ANWA’s upcoming Nordic Walking Training & Certification Seminars in the Eastern and Midwest USA, as well as Canada.

The next two ANWA Basic Instructor Certification Seminars in Los Angeles, California are to be held from: July 29th - 30th and September 23rd – 24th

For further details visit:

Please note: If making an enquiry to ANWA please say that you read about them at Nordic Walking News!


Nordic Walking News Readers at the 'Johnny Miles Marathon'

Photo: Left to right Nordic Walking News readers Kris Acker, Bill Trewin and Arlene Carter crossing the finish line of the 'Johnny Miles Marathon' in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada on 18th June (Bill's birthday).

The time in the photo is not correct as the Nordic Walkers started early - Actual time was 7 hours 22 Minutes.

In case you are wondering - The marathon is named after Johnny Miles who won the Boston Marathon in 1922 and 1929.

The triumphant trio are all from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Thanks Bill for the information.


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