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Nordic Walking News Weekly - Issue 6

Dear Fellow Nordic Walking Enthusiast…

Issue 6 already; How time flies when you are having fun

There is a definite ‘British’ flavor to this week’s newsletter, due wholly to the fact that my fellow Brits have not been backwards in coming forward recently, in sending me in content for our newsletter.

So; if you live anywhere else; e.g. over the other side of the ‘pond’ (North America), or Australia or New Zealand or over in Europe… Yep I know, isn’t GB part of Europe – Well put it this way, one recent survey concluded that given the chance of a referendum (which we won’t get), 55% of Brits would vote in favor of leaving the European Union! Yes by majority we love Europe but hate the EU (apparently)!

This past week I’ve continued to be busy developing this website, or at least trying too. I can’t believe it; the amount of hours I’ve put into ‘attempting’ to create simple drop down menus to aid navigation, is no odds to anyone. What I thought would be a simple task has turned into a major, as yet unresolved nightmare – Aaagh! At least I’ve started creating content on the “Shop” page!

Don’t forget your contributions are always very welcome (wherever you live!); e.g:

* Your Questions
* Brief Articles
* Photos
* Event Reports
* Event Notifications
* Reader’s Letter’s
* Product reviews
* Etc.

Email to: david (at) nordicwalkingnewsonline (dotcom)

I just remembered; way back in 2005 when I launched my first Nordic Walking newsletter; I used to include a yummy ‘healthy’ recipe. Those recipes were always very popular. So; I add ‘healthy’ recipes to the list above!

I hope you enjoy this week’s issue of Nordic Walking News Weekly.

Have a fantastic Nordic Walking week…

David Downer
Editor / Publisher

In this weeks edition...
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Event Report - Lakeland Trails - Coniston.

With Thanks to Ian Holloway in the UK for this Nordic Walking event report.

The last of the 2009 Lakeland Trail Events was held on Saturday October 3rd when Trail Runners met with Nordic Walkers at the John Ruskin School in the picturesque village of Coniston.

The morning dawned wet and stormy but the weather experts predicted fine, if windy, conditions for the afternoon race and the organisers were confident that competitors would enjoy stunning views over the 15km course on a variety of terrain.

The race began over a short section of tarmac through the village enabling a good Nordic style to be achieved before walkers began the prolonged gradient up hard packed gravel towards the Youth Hostel at the former Coniston Mine complex. The route became steeper towards Levers Water Bridge and after contouring round beneath Stubthwaite Crag on a narrow wet and rocky track walkers descended towards Walna Scar Road on a broad track well suited to our sport. A section of moorland track came before the rocky path to Torver village and a welcome opportunity to enjoy water and some delicious chocolate coated Kendal Mint Cake.

The route through Torver Common Woods to the lake shore was rocky and slippery but the final section back to the finish at the school was superb Nordic Walking territory with stunning views of Lake Coniston and the surrounding fells.

The entire course was thoroughly marked with flags and marshalled and the atmosphere during the event and at the finish was superb.

My thanks go to the organisers and to Puma, Bridgedale and Ay-Up lights, who sponsored the event, for a great day on the fells.

Check out the slide show of the route on and consider entering the 2010 series if you would like to Nordic Walk on fantastic trails and, yes, the weather people were correct even if the wind strength was at times beyond belief !

Ian Holloway

Friday, October 02, 2009


Nordic Walking News Weekly - Issue #5

Dear Nordic Walking Enthusiast...

Welcome to Issue 5 of Nordic Walking News Weekly. I have been away since last Saturday and so now I have some serious catching up to do!

There's lot's for me to do, particularly on this website e.g. the Events listing! Yes, please keep those events coming in and I will get them up as soon as I can...

In case you are not aware you may comment on anything you read on this website (please try to keep comments constructive). To comment simply go to the comments box at the end of the appropiate page, enter and submit your comments.

Note: There will be a delay before your comments appear, because all comments are moderated to ensure that nothing is posted that shouldn't be posted e.g spam.

Finally; good luck to all participants taking part on Sunday (4th October), in the "Nordic Walking World Championships" (26.2 miles, 5 miles, 10K fun event), which is incorporated into the famous Portland, Oregan marathon!

I hope you enjoy this week's issue of Nordic Walking News Weekly.

Have a fantastic Nordic Walking week...

David Downer
Editor / Publisher

Ask David

This week's question comes from Jay Radford in the UK. Jay asks...

"If you are taking your poles on holiday / vacation, can you get bags to carry them in?".

Most of the main manufacturers sell pole bags...

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