Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Need a Nordic Walking Instructor?

I am often asked how one goes about finding a Nordic Walking instructor - I'm pleased to get this question because in my opinion there is no better way to learn how to Nordic Walk than to hire a professional instructor, just like there's no better way to learn how to play golf, or tennis or do just about any sporting activity out there!

Hiring an instructor for a couple of hours from the outset not only avoids, weeks or even months of frustration but importantly, significantly increases the likelihood that the person seeking the instruction will still be Nordic Walking in 12 months time and that they won't have wasted their money on poles only for them to be gathering dust in the corner...

Occasionally a prospective new client says to me - "I'm not really sure what there is to learn, I would have thought it's as simple as picking up a pair of poles and walking with them"... Yeh right! When that prospective new client goes on to take training with me they are amazed at what they learn and can see the benefits of proper training as clear as the light of day!

So, you want an Instructor? Check out the following websites to see if there is an instructor within reasonable travelling distance for you:

http://www.nordicwalking.com/ Select your country, go to that website and look for instructors or classes.

http://www.leki.com/ Here you will find instructor listings in North America

http://www.fittrek.com/ Here you will find listings mainly for North America but also several other countries too.

http://www.skiwalk.com/ Instructors in Georgia, Texas & Mississippi USA

Can anyone else recommend a website with instructor listings? If so post a reply to this posting now!

If all else fails of course there is my book "Nordic Walking Step by Step". Amongst other things it teaches you in 10 easy steps how to Nordic Walk. I have written it as if I was teaching you on a one to one basis, in person. There are also advanced level training techniques and much much more.

To read the first 4 chapters plus the introduction by President of ANWA (American Nordic Walking Association) - Bernd Zimmermann for FREE - visit:

http://www.nordicwalkingstepbystep.com/ The book is available either as a downloadable ebook or as a physical book - The choice is yours.


Will Nordic Walking Ever Become an Olympic Sport?

It was recently reported by INWA (International Nordic Walking Association) http://inwa.nordicwalking.com that the Estonian Nordic Walking Association has been accepted as a member of the Estonian National Olympic Committee. It gives new possibilities and challenges for the Nordic Walking team of Estonia.

Will this be a precedent for other countries to follow? Will Nordic Walking ever become an Olympic Sport? Watch this space!


New Zealand: Four people, One goal - 100km in under 20 hours to help overcome poverty & injustice!

Congratulations to Nordic Walking Instructor - Steffi Mueller and her team from New Zealand, who after months of tough Nordic Walking training have once again conquered the 'Oxfam' 100km 'Lake Taupo', Trail Walk, Team Challenge .

The gruelling challenge required that the team, comprising Steffi Mueller, Wendy Bowling, Colin Merrick & Peter Mueller, who all come from Mt Maunganui and Tauranga, New Zealand, complete the event in less than 36 hours.

From bush canopy and low lying swamp to the arduous climb of Mt Tauhara, just getting to the Taupo Lake front finish was a fantastic achievement in itself; However the team did more, alot more - They slashed 3hrs 7 mins from their personal best time in 2006, finishing in 18hrs 17 mins and placing 12th out of 253 teams.

Steffi & her team were, in their own words, 'brilliantly' supported by their same support crew from the 2006 event, who were always on hand to exchange empty water bottles for full bottles, give out bags of goodies, provide changes of socks as well as massages to the teams weary legs, and to of course give lots of encouragement along the way.

A fantastic achievement by both team and support crew - Well done to you all!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


You Can Now Buy "Nordic Walking Step by Step" for Only $12.95

In a few weeks time my book "Nordic Walking Step by Step" the first Nordic Walking book to be conceived, written and published in the English Language, will be 1 year old! To celebrate this milestone I have decided to reduce the price! The new Summer 2007 price will be:

- Physical Version = $19.95 (Full retail was $24.95)
- Downloadable eBook Version = $12.95 (Full retail was $24.95)

Note 1: This is a promotional offer to celebrate my books 1st birthday and I reserve the right to revert back to the full retail price when I'm ready.

Note 2: The eBook has also previously been available at a special offer price of $17.95

The success of my book in it's first year has exceeded my expectations, when I was writing it I hoped that it would be a book that would appeal to Nordic Walkers of all levels, from beginner to advance, that there would be something in there for everyone. From the feedback I have received from people, some of which you can read on my book website www.nordicwalkingstepbystep.com , I feel I have achieved that objective.

So. if you have yet to purchase Nordic Walking Step by Step why not take a look at the above website and read all about it and then take advantage of these special prices. You can even download the first 4 chapters FREE plus the book's forward written by Bernd Zimmermann, President of the American Nordic Walking Association (ANWA).

Happy Reading...

David Downer
Author - www.NordicWalkingStepByStep.com
Editor - www.NordicWalkingNewssOnline.com
Owner - www.NordicWalkingeCommunity

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