Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Press Release from INWA (International Nordic Walking Association

Following much speculation about the state of play at INWA following the end of their commercial funding agreements with Exel & Polar and hot on the heels of the recent INWA International conference in the Netherlands comes the following INWA Press Release.

For immediate release

International Nordic Walking Association (INWA) has now 22 country members INWA held its annual conference this year in Egmond aan Zee in Holland. The conference emphasized INWA’s key role in Nordic Walking education and promotion of Nordic Walking worldwide. Delegates from over 20 member countries recognized that Nordic Walking is poised for another significant development. Partnership was a key theme and topic of discussion as INWA recognizes the need to work with other organizations to take Nordic Walking to the next level. This was evident with presentations at the conference from educational leaders from other Nordic Walking associations.

Aki Karihtala, President of INWA, said; “INWA, the largest Nordic Walking Association in the world has now 22 country members and representatives in over 40 countries. The membership of INWA continues to grow. We are delighted to announce the inclusion of
North America and the return of the most active Nordic Walking country Germany, who are
both launching new INWA educational programs this year. In U.K. we restructured our
operations and the new developments are very good. Countries who also joined INWA
recently are Korea, New Zealand, Latvia and Andorra. We estimate that nowadays the
population of Nordic Walkers worldwide is around 8-9 million. Our near future activities
especially in North America, which represents the greatest growth potential for Nordic
Walking, may increase this number rapidly. This gives INWA and Nordic Walking a bright
and exciting future”

Nordic Walking spreads through the partnership of INWA and TAFISA

INWA used their annual convention in Holland also to deepen its partnership with TAFISA.
This partnership heralds a new era for Nordic Walking and INWA, and is a step closer to
INWA’s goal of making Nordic walking accessible for all. This co-operation gives INWA and
Nordic Walking international recognized status throughout the world. While this co-operation
promotes the great fitness activity of Nordic Walking as a sport for all, INWA will dedicate
itself to being a purely educational entity focusing on the furtherance of the Nordic Walking
technique, safety, variety, and specialty programs.

TAFISA operates in 132 countries worldwide and is a partner of of WHO (World Health
Organization), IOC (International Olympic Committee) UNESCO (United Nations Educational
and scientific and Cultural Organization) and ICSSPE (International Council of Sports Science
and Physical Education).

October 17th 2008
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