Monday, September 01, 2008


The Portland Marathon - a brief history of the new "rules"

Now that we have got the draft in the public domain I thought I might take the opportunity to explain a little of the history behind this. Some readers might be thinking, how come two people from the UK end up writing race rules for a US event? There was originally a third party to our team; a Nordic Walking enthusiast from Los Angeles called Joel D Roberts (of Joel D Roberts and Associates and worth a ‘Google’). When Joel first saw the published race rules he wrote to Portland to protest. The race organisers took what he said very seriously and returned by asking him to come up with something else!! (I have to salute them for listening and for being willing to consider change.)

At about the same time, Joel had seen the flurry of postings on the Nordic Walking eCommunity about the same issue and expressing similar sentiments as his. To cut a long story short, Joel got in touch with both David Downer and myself and invited us to collaborate over the writing of the new rules. However, since that time, Joel has been overwhelmed by developments in his media business to such an extent he has had to withdraw from the team. He has handed the task over to us.

So here we are.

I have been working with Judy Heller who is the coordinator of both the Racewalk and Nordic Walk divisions of the Portland. Judy tells me that the race director, Les Smith, would like to see the event as having “world championship” status and therefore welcomes international input. Of course, Nordic Walking has no governing body so we are giving an opportunity for international consultation via Nordic Walking News and the Nordic Walking eCommunity. Claire Walter has also kindly posted an item on her eMagazine, Nordic Walking USA.
Please visit and, in addition click on the link to Nordic Walking USA at the left hand side of this page.
I will keep an eye on all of the usual sites so please take an opportunity to express your opinion - we do not get the chance that often!
Malcolm Jarvis, Nordic Walker Leeds UK

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