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Our Team

Our publications would not be possible without the efforts of our "whole" team. So here we introduce the TEAM:

Team portraits

David Downer

David is the owner of this Blog (& all our publications); Publisher of Nordic Walking Magazine; Co-moderator of Nordic Walking eCommunity Forum; Author of Nordic Walking Step by Step.

David has a background in sports and fitness training spanning over 30 years. His sports background includes coaching volleyball, gymnastic trampoling, orienteering and running.

As a fitness trainer his areas of expertise include group exercise; personal training; senior exercise programing; exercise training for people with a disability and outdoor fitness training.

In early 2005 David, who lives in Poole on the south coast of England, trained as an INWA Nordic Walking instructor and founded “Nordic Walking Dorset”. Shortly after, he published his first International online newsletter “Nordic Walking News”. “Nordic Walking eCommunity Forum” followed in 2006, as did his groundbreaking book “Nordic Walking Step by Step”, the first English language Nordic Walking book.

“Nordic Walking” is David’s biggest and most ambitious project to date. He is passionate about serving the worldwide Nordic Walking community and encouraging mutual co-operation between it’s leaders and educators.

Malcolm Jarvis:

Malcolm is the Editor and producer of Nordic Walking Magazine and co-moderator of Nordic Walking eCommunity Forum.

Malcolm’s former career as a lead architect with the City of York Council in England involved many challenges: group leadership, client care, design policy, resource planning and project management. Enjoyable though it was, he decided to retire early in 2005.

Malcolm learned his craft as a Nordic Walker, and then as an instructor at the Yorkshire Nordic Walking School in Ilkley. He discovered, however, that he preferred to research and write about Nordic Walking, rather than teaching it physically. Malcolm is a member of the ACSM Alliance of Health and Fitness Professionals but sees himself as part of the “grass roots” and aims to serve the interests of all Nordic Walkers.

Malcolm currently lives in Leeds, England, with his wife Cecily and spends much of his time researching, studying, writing, and… Nordic Walking.

Co-Moderators - Nordic Walking eCommunity Forum

Nordic Walking eCommunity Forum Co-moderators:

Dafina Nikolovska

Dafina lives and works in Skopje which is the capital of Macedonia and she has been a part of the forum since 2006, making her one of the earliest members. Dafina’s former career was as a university educated English translator and interpreter but after 25 years she decided upon a career change. She is now a wellness coach who has also discovered Nordic Walking and is trying to persuade her fellow Macedonians to share her enthusiasm.

Iain Leiper

Iain is also a long term forum member and was the very first person to take up the moderator role. Iain is based in Dundee, Scotland, and from here he operates as a Nordic Walking instructor, running his own business “Nordic Walking Tayside”. Ian’s first introduction to Nordic Sports in general was with the Royal Marine Arctic Commando where he learned to Nordic Ski and represented his troop at biathlon events.

Norman Trubik

Norm’s first career was as a Solicitor and Barrister in South Australia but he now spends his time as a personal/group fitness trainer, older adults trainer, physical rehab provider and Nordic Polewalking coach. His commitment to health and fitness issues is demonstrated by him having embarked on a further degree (BApplSC) in Human Movement and Health Studies at the University of South Australia, which he expects to complete next year.

Ian Holloway

Ian is a Nordic Walking enthusiast whose personal mission is to encourage people to take up this great activity by writing about his experiences. Ian is a regular contributor to Nordic Walking News Weekly and lives with his family in the North East of England, close to the Scottish border. He began Nordic Walking many years ago as a means of training for Nordic Skiing and is our most recent moderator, having joined in December 2009.

Marek Zalewski

Marek has worked as a radio broadcaster and for the last ten years has been editor of the worldwide news website at Voice of America. Living in Virginia, US, Marek is also owner and editor of the highly respected weblog, Nordic Walking US and has been a contributor and member of the forum since its earliest days. He took on the mantel of joint forum moderator in September 2008.

Visit Marek’s website here.

Ed Urbanski

Ed lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been a long standing supporter and member of the forum. Ed is a well known and highly respected figure in the world of Nordic Walking and is a certified Exerstrider® instructor and also a Leki trained instructor. A former Nordic Ski racer, runner and Triathlete Ed eventually had to undergo knee surgery. Fortunately he found Nordic Walking which has enabled him to get back to good condition.


Important Update...

Dear Nordic Walking Enthusiasts...

Here with a brief update of things.

You may be aware of our recent changes and the decision to focus our attention on:

1) Our new publication "Nordic Walking Magazine" []
2) Our long standing Forum "Nordic Walking eCommunity being our main communication hub [].

As a result we no longer publish our weekly Newsletter "Nordic Walking News Weekly". The last edition was published at the end of April. Back issues can still be read at: []

Also updates on this Blog will be infrequent.

Edition 1 of Nordic Walking Magazine can be read FREE at: Edition 2 will be published June or July. This will also be a FREE edition. Commencing Edition 3 (September 2010), the magazine will become bi-monthly and there will be a cover charge of $2 per issue.

If you haven't checked out our popular eCommunity Forum (or you haven't done so recently) we recommend that you do - There has been a lot of activity on there recently.

Please note: All general Nordic Walking related questions should be posted there, where one of our moderators or members will answer them.

David Downer
Author: Nordic Walking Step by Step

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