Tuesday, November 28, 2006


The Low Down on Cross-Country Skiing (the perfect complimentary activity for Nordic Walkers)

Following my recent announcement of the planned Nordic Walking News "Cross Country Skiing holiday / vacation" (beginners through expert skiers) to Norway in February 2007, I have received a number of enquiries from people asking for more information about Cross-Country Skiing.

Note: Some people have asked me why I have started to promote 'cross-country skiing' on a 'Nordic Walking' website? The answer is that although until recently my own focus has been Nordic Walking, the fact of the matter is that Nordic Walking is just 'one' discipline under the bigger 'umbrella' of 'Nordic Fitness'. Nordic Fitness includes: Nordic Blading ('inline' skating with poles), Nordic Hill Walking (or Nordic Off-Road Walking), Snowshoeing (with poles), Nordic Winter Walking and last but not least 'Nordic Skiing' (Cross-country skiing or XC-Skiing)...

Of course it should also be mentioned that Nordic Walking and XC-skiing go hand in hand as the perfect combination of complimentary activities. The activity of Fitness Walking with Poles (Nordic Walking) started out as an activity practiced by cross-country skiers during the snow free seasons many moons ago.

For sometime now I have been liasing with fellow INWA Nordic Walking Instructor Stuart Montgomery who is a Director of XCuk Ltd, a company that specializes in XC-Skiing holiday / vacation to Norway. As a result I have now chosen Stuart's company to provide our XC-Skiing holday / vaction for this coming February.

Full details and online booking form are available at:


Beyond the holiday / vacation, both Stuart and myself are convinced that there is huge potential for 'cross-over' between Nordic Walking (one of the fastest growing sports in the world at this time) and XC-Skiing (an Olympic Sport). Hence why I am keen to promote both activities (as well as the other Nordic Fitness disciplines of course) on this website.

Here's the article:

What is Cross Country Skiing?

Cross Country Skiing (aka Nordic Skiing or XC Skiing) is, in the opinion of many exercise physiologists and researchers, the world's best aerobic fitness activity. The sport involves simultaneous use of arms and legs utilizing ski equipment including boots, poles, and skis.

The primary functional difference between Cross Country Skiing (XC) and alpine (downhill) skiing is that in XC skiing, the skier is attached to the ski only with the toe of the boot--with the heel "free". In alpine skiing, the entire foot is attached to the ski. The free heel allows a XC skier to climb, descend and traverse terrain making the sport a truly "cross country" activity. In alpine skiing and snowboarding, the participant is limited to the range of downhill slope.

With origins in Scandinavia 4000-4500 years ago, Cross Country Skiing has come a long way from being the sole method of transportation for snow and ice-bound Northerners. You can Cross Country Ski on every continent on Earth and in many island nations at Cross Country Ski Centers featuring prepared tracks as well as off-track in parks, woods, mountains--just about anywhere! Competition in Cross Country Skiing spans the globe with a third of all the Winter Olympic medals being awarded in Cross Country Skiing and the other Nordic sports.

To read the rest of this article please go to:


Thursday, November 23, 2006


All Smile Please!

Just a quick photo... This one is of Lindy Spiezer (centre), Marketing Manager, LEKI USA with Marc Hopper and a co-worker from Ecco at a recent Ecco / Leki sponsored road race in Canada. Lindy works tirelesly promoting Nordic Walking in the US and is one of a growing group of people who kindly keep me updated with Nordic Walking News and information from around the world.

It is due to the support I receive from people like Lindy, who take time out to help me, that Nordic Walking News and Nordic Walking eCommunity are possible. So a big 'thank you' to you Lindy and to everyone else like you, who is kind enough to help me out.

It just goes to show that if we all pull together' rather than 'pulling in our own direction', it will always benefit the greater cause - Nordic Walking. If we were all to join in and pull in the same direction, we'd all be winners because in my opinion there would be a much bigger prize for us all to share!

Happy Nordic Walking...


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


David's Book - "Nordic Walking Step by Step" now available as an ebook download for MAC users as well as PC users & of course as a 'Physical Book' too

"Nordic Walking Step by Step" the most comprehensive Nordic Walking book available in the English Language, which includes David's "10 Step Nordic Walking Program" as well as advanced level training and a whole lot more is now available as:

* A 'full color' downloadable ebook for MAC
* A 'Full Color' downloadable ebook for PC
* A Physical Book

For full details of "Nordic Walking Step by Step" and to download your "4 Free chapter excerpt" PLUS the Forward written by Bernd Zimmermann, President of ANWA (American Nordic Walking Association) - Visit:


Note: If you require either the ebook for MAC or PC; simply place your order for the ebook at the above website. Download instructions for both MAC & PC will be emailed to you once your order has been received.




LEKI sponsored Nordic Walking Instructor Tim “T-bone” Arem, will be ‘walking the walk’ through the US this school year, as he travels to 20 schools in 20 states introducing Nordic Walking to kids. Tim Arem, M. Ed, known best as “T-bone” a theatrical health/fitness enthusiast and educator for kids, is considered as America’s Health & Fitness Ambassador.

T-Bone has entertained and educated thousands of children and adults in schools, running events, on television and radio both throughout the US and Internationally. His motivation is to promote healthy, active lifestyle within sports, exercise, daily activities and diet choices amongst all ages.

In his latest initiative, Nordic Walking Across America (NWAA), T-bone will travel to twenty schools in twenty states during the 2006-2007 school year. NWAA is a national campaign promoting elementary schools to encourage their students to be active.

In full character, T-bone will teach kids the importance of staying active as well as discipline, coordination, self-esteem, and most important making exercise fun. To insure the programs success Nordic Walking pole manufacturer LEKI USA, has partnered with T-bone to offer poles and his instruction to the twenty chosen schools for this season.

Tim says: “It is important to teach kids the benefits of exercise at an early age, and Nordic Walking is the perfect tool. LEKI has been excellent in supporting this program; it really helps for the schools to have their own poles so the kids can continue using them”.

To apply to be one of the twenty partner schools that will receive ten sets of youth and two sets of adult Nordic Walking poles, book and instruction, a ($2000) value, please contact Tim “T-Bone” Arem at 828-298-4789 or via his website:


Tim has recently written "Nordic Walking: A Total Body Experience", a simple and easy to read introductory guide for those interested in ‘walking the walk’ for the first time. To order a copy see the amazon link in the left hand border of this page.


We are now taking Bookings! Nordic Walking News - Cross-Country Skiing Vacation Website Now LIVE!

Full details including an online booking form for the Nordic Walking News Cross-Country Skiing vacation to Sjusjoen, Norway 4th - 11th February 2007 are now available at:


If you love Nordic Walking you are sure to love Cross-Country Skiing (it's how Nordic Walking started out)! This vacation is for all standards from beginner to seasoned expert. For beginners we offer professional instruction and for experienced skiers we will provide detailed route maps. If you are a beginner skier but you can Nordic Walk you are half way there as you already have the basic poling technique and co-ordination.

Note: It doesn't matter where in the world you live - Come and join Nordic Walking News Editor - David Downer and readers of Nordic Walking News for an exhillerating vacation in the snow.

Note: 'Nordic Fitness Online' is a new website that will be developed over the coming months. At the moment it only contains details of this one vacation. In due course it will become a comprehensive information source for the Nordic Fitness activities of:

Nordic Walking: Nordic Hill Walking: Nordic Blading: Nordic Skiing (Cross-Country Skiing): Snow Shoeing: Nordic Winter Walking.

In advance of this vacation we will be launching a special 'Ski Readiness' training program to make sure that you are adequently prepared physically and so that you will experience the full enjoyment of this wonderful vacation.

Here's the website address again:


If you have any questions after checking out the website please email:

david @ nordicwalkingnewsonline.com

Note: This vacation is being provided by XCuk Ltd who are a 'licenced' UK based Tour Operator who specializes in Cross-Country Skiing vacations to Norway.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Fine Achievement - 2,000 Miles in 14 & 1/2 months!

Many congratulations to Marlin Heckman who resides at the Hillcrest Retirement Community in La Verne, California. Marlin, who is a Leki Nordic Walking Instructor, and his wife Shirley Nordic Walk every day! Last Thursday when Marlin registered his steps for the day his total reached 2,000 miles since the end of August 2005...

That means that, typically, Marlin Walks 4 & 1/2 to 5 miles every day of every week of every month...

2,000 miles sounds like a whole lot of Nordic Walking and it is! But it is very achievable as Marlin has proved. With a little practice most people can build up to 4 & 1/2 to 5 miles a day...

I once heard someone say (about their business as it happens... but it can be applied to anything eg Nordic Walking) - "It doesn't seem that we ever did a whole lot - We just did a little bit every day!"

Just do a little bit of 'Nordic Walking' every day and see where it takes you!

If 4 & 1/2 miles 'every day' sounds a litte scary then take Marlin's advice...

Marlin says:

"I attempt to reach at least 10,000 steps each day, walking in the morning and evening but wearing a pedometer from the time I get up until I go to bed."

You see - You don't have to focus on 'Distance'... focus on 'Steps' instead. Also, don't think you have to do all your Nordic Walking in one go. Follow Marlin's example and take a Nordic Walk in the morning and again in the evening. 2 to 2 & 1/2 miles of Nordic Walking every morning and the same again every evening equals two 30 - 50 minute walks (depending on speed) every day.

Food for thought?

Happy Nordic Walking...

Stories Wanted!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


How To Prevent and Treat Shin Splints Pain

Here's another really useful article from Wendy Bumgardner, Walking Guide at my favorite 'Walking' website 'About Walking'!

"Shin splint pain commonly happens whenever walkers start a walking program, start walking faster, change their shoe style, or change their stride. Shin splints are due to an imbalance between the muscles that lift the foot and those that pull it down."

To read the rest of this article please visit:


Saturday, November 04, 2006


Love, Passion & Nordic Walking:

It is my great pleasure to introduce a new contributor to Nordic Walking News - Sheri Simson... aka the Pole Lady. When Sheri contacted me recently I thought WOW I can relate to this lady! She is a bundle of NRG and sure is PASSIONATE about Nordic Walking. Sheri runs her own Nordic Walking training company called "Keen Fit" in Kelowna B.C, Canada. As a writer Sheri specializes in motivational articles. I hope you enjoy reading this first contribution from Sheri... David

Take a "LEEP" - get passionate about nordic walking and fall in love with yourself. You'll be blown away by what will happen in your life!

I've been accused of being passionate or maybe even a little bit crazy! But I tell you, no one will ever accuse me of not going after what I want out of life. Even when I don't get what I actually went after, I usually find the silver lining - and believe me, I've had my fair share of challenges and some very well-disguised silver linings.

If I had to identify my one single secret to life, I would say it is that I'm not afraid to wear my heart on my sleeve. If I love something, or someone, I'm not afraid to say it. And the more I say it, the more excited I get. The more excited I get, the more passionate I become! You get the picture - look out world!

That's how I feel about the benefits of nordic walking. It makes you healthier, not just physically, but emotionally and socially as well! Now I realize I can't expect everyone to run out, get a crazy hairdo and start chanting "Poles Rock" everywhere they go! But if you want things to rock in your life - and who doesn't!? - you really have to take a "LEEP":

1. Fall in Love with nordic walking (or anything else that’s good for you!)
2. Be Excited about what nordic walking can do for you!
3. Care Enough about yourself to nordic walk regularly!
4. Get Passionate about making a difference in your own life!

Think about your role models and the other people who have motivated or led you to make a change, take a risk or try something new. Rarely are they the "sit back and let life just happen to me" types. They are more likely to be excited and full of passion for what they do or what they stand for! In order for a person to become healthier and happier, it's important they first become accountable to themselves.

The more fun and easy you make your steps towards accountability the more likely you are to get started and to accomplish what you set out to do. Starting with your physical health is important (hence, where nordic walking comes in). When we feel better physically, we not only have more energy, but we think more clearly and feel better about ourselves. That, in turn, helps us to find balance, live in peace and walk as our true selves!

Grab your poles and ‘Walk Your Path’. If you have any questions and or you'd like to contact Sheri, visit www.keenfit.com

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