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LEKI sponsored Nordic Walking Instructor Tim “T-bone” Arem, will be ‘walking the walk’ through the US this school year, as he travels to 20 schools in 20 states introducing Nordic Walking to kids. Tim Arem, M. Ed, known best as “T-bone” a theatrical health/fitness enthusiast and educator for kids, is considered as America’s Health & Fitness Ambassador.

T-Bone has entertained and educated thousands of children and adults in schools, running events, on television and radio both throughout the US and Internationally. His motivation is to promote healthy, active lifestyle within sports, exercise, daily activities and diet choices amongst all ages.

In his latest initiative, Nordic Walking Across America (NWAA), T-bone will travel to twenty schools in twenty states during the 2006-2007 school year. NWAA is a national campaign promoting elementary schools to encourage their students to be active.

In full character, T-bone will teach kids the importance of staying active as well as discipline, coordination, self-esteem, and most important making exercise fun. To insure the programs success Nordic Walking pole manufacturer LEKI USA, has partnered with T-bone to offer poles and his instruction to the twenty chosen schools for this season.

Tim says: “It is important to teach kids the benefits of exercise at an early age, and Nordic Walking is the perfect tool. LEKI has been excellent in supporting this program; it really helps for the schools to have their own poles so the kids can continue using them”.

To apply to be one of the twenty partner schools that will receive ten sets of youth and two sets of adult Nordic Walking poles, book and instruction, a ($2000) value, please contact Tim “T-Bone” Arem at 828-298-4789 or via his website:


Tim has recently written "Nordic Walking: A Total Body Experience", a simple and easy to read introductory guide for those interested in ‘walking the walk’ for the first time. To order a copy see the amazon link in the left hand border of this page.

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