Friday, July 23, 2010


Nordic Walking UK Join New World Nordic Walking Federation

Stop Press News - From Mike Rollason in the UK!

"Nordic Walking UK (NWUK) are proud to announce that we have now joined the World Nordic Walking Federation (WNWF) and will be providing our full support to help create a professional and credible federation representing all aspects of Nordic & Fitness walking, including those involved in delivering and participants.

We hope that our experience in the outdoor and fitness industry can make a
significant contribution to the already vast knowledge of the three founders of
the WNWF".

Mike Rollason
Director - Nordic Walking UK

Note from David: WNWF was established recently by it founders Marko Kanteneva: Tom Rutlin & Mike Gates as an umbrella organisations to "serve" the interests of all Nordic Walking enthusiasts wherever they may live.

David Downer


This is a significant piece of news as I think that NWUK may well be the first organisation to join the Federation.

Congratulations to Mike and the team, and I know their extensive expertise will be a huge benefit to the Nordic Walking community generally.

Let's hope their great example will be quickly followed by many more friends around the globe.

Malcolm Jarvis
Co-moderator of the eCommunity and Nordic Walking activist.
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