Friday, October 09, 2009


Nordic Walking News Weekly - Issue 6

Dear Fellow Nordic Walking Enthusiast…

Issue 6 already; How time flies when you are having fun

There is a definite ‘British’ flavor to this week’s newsletter, due wholly to the fact that my fellow Brits have not been backwards in coming forward recently, in sending me in content for our newsletter.

So; if you live anywhere else; e.g. over the other side of the ‘pond’ (North America), or Australia or New Zealand or over in Europe… Yep I know, isn’t GB part of Europe – Well put it this way, one recent survey concluded that given the chance of a referendum (which we won’t get), 55% of Brits would vote in favor of leaving the European Union! Yes by majority we love Europe but hate the EU (apparently)!

This past week I’ve continued to be busy developing this website, or at least trying too. I can’t believe it; the amount of hours I’ve put into ‘attempting’ to create simple drop down menus to aid navigation, is no odds to anyone. What I thought would be a simple task has turned into a major, as yet unresolved nightmare – Aaagh! At least I’ve started creating content on the “Shop” page!

Don’t forget your contributions are always very welcome (wherever you live!); e.g:

* Your Questions
* Brief Articles
* Photos
* Event Reports
* Event Notifications
* Reader’s Letter’s
* Product reviews
* Etc.

Email to: david (at) nordicwalkingnewsonline (dotcom)

I just remembered; way back in 2005 when I launched my first Nordic Walking newsletter; I used to include a yummy ‘healthy’ recipe. Those recipes were always very popular. So; I add ‘healthy’ recipes to the list above!

I hope you enjoy this week’s issue of Nordic Walking News Weekly.

Have a fantastic Nordic Walking week…

David Downer
Editor / Publisher

In this weeks edition...
To read edition 6 of Nordic Walking News Weekly visit:


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