Thursday, June 25, 2009


UK Nordic Walking Summit at Lyme Regis

Two Nordic walking activists, David Downer (seated right) and Malcolm Jarvis meet for the first time to discuss the status of Nordic Walking in the UK. Well, it wasn’t quite Santa Monica, although Lyme Regis is a delightful seaside town..

Whilst forthcoming vacations in Cornwall and Corfu featured highly on the agenda, the two Nordic Walking aficionados did manage to touch on the subject of fitness walking with poles (just a little, of course).

No minutes were taken but rest assured that both friends had a good chin wag. Of course, it would be great to have a meeting of Nordic Walking friends from all over the world.....but then that’s another story.

Your reporter at the scene - Malcolm Jarvis, Nordic Walking Leeds UK

Hey Malcolm,

I love your post! Ha, Ha... UK Nordic Walking Summit - Love it :-) !

Readers will (I hope) be impressed to learn that although we met in a traditional English Pub on the seafront at Lyme Regis, Dorset only soft drinks past our lips!

Yes; it was fantastic to have the opportunity to meet you at last. Those reading Nordic Walking News for the first time may not be aware that Malcolm has very much become my right hand man at Nordic Walking News and also plays a key role as one of my co-moderators on our 'Nordic Walking eCommunity' Forum:

We are both UK based, Malcolm in Leeds in the Northern part of England, whilst I live in Poole on the Sunny South Coast (about 100 miles from London.

In fact we're about 300 miles apart, which in UK terms is a very long way!

Also; Yes Lyme Regis is delightful but you're right it's not California. I guess my part of the world, further along the Dorset Coast, with 8 continuous miles of beautiful sandy beaches probably has more in keeping with Santa Monica.

David Downer
Owner: Nordic Walking News
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