Thursday, November 13, 2008


Tom Rutlin's 'ORIGINAL' 1992 Exerstrider (Nordic Walking) Video on YouTube

Back in 1985 an American from Wisconsin, Tom Rutlin, began pioneering a concept that would eventually evolve into the physical activity that we know today as Nordic Walking (definition: Fitness walking with two specially designed poles'). In 1988 Tom launched the world's first fitness walking poles under the brand name 'Exerstrider'. In 1992 Tom released a training video demonstrating his Exerstride (Nordic Walking) technique. Today, 16 years on, Tom has just re-released that original (1992) training video on the popular internet video website - YouTube.

Tom hopes that his video will serve Nordic walkers around the globe as an introduction to his 'Exerstride' Nordic Walking technique.

Tom says...

"In 1992 I made my first instructional video to distribute along with each pair of poles I sold. From 1988 until that time, those new to Exerstriding had only my early printed instruction manual to use as a learning tool. Having struggled a great deal attempting to learn to Nordic ski with only the aid of a few illustrated books on the subject back in the 70s, as soon as I could afford to buy what was at the time a "high tech" video recorder, I enlisted the help of my brother-in-law (a photographer) and we put together this rather crudely produced video."

Tom goes on to say: "I think it holds up quite well for a 16 year old video. As you will see (if you are already familiar with Tom's method), very little has changed in terms of the technique I have advocated since 1988."

These are great videos both for their instructional and historical value. Tom has put the video up in two parts (because You Tube has a 10 minute limit).

Here are the all important links:

Part 1 can be seen at:

Part 2 at:

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