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The Origin of the Walking Pole Family

Many thanks to MIKE GATES from Australia for this enlightening and factual article. Mike was one of the 'original' instructors to train with Marko Kanteneva and INWA and heads up the 'PoleAbout' team in Australia. You may know of Mike for is 'ultra distance' exploits as previously featured on this Blog.

G'day David

I have been giving some long thought to this walking with poles process and my involvement from the early beginnings. I have drafted a basic genetic pathway. I have long time been advocating strongly, well against all others belief (Nordic walking orgs and manufacturers) the universal generic term for walking with poles sits well with the wording "Pole Walking" all others terms & styles follow.

This document is a blue print of my thoughts & knowledge but I am more than both humble and grateful if people would like to add or detract from my rough blue print as walking with poles belongs to the people. So all positive productive comments welcome from all you wish to share it with.

Warmest Regards
The Walking Wizard from Down Under

The Origin of the Walking Pole Family Starts within a Gene Pool

No wording of Nordic or any other name precedes this genetic factor above, it was born from a pole or a stick. Genetics show the true source of Origin

1) Walking Staff or Pole or simply walking stick.


Some Nomad or Shepherd long before we where here and maybe before Jesus Christ himself…

Trekking with a pole or Bush Walking with a stick was genetically created from above and all else follows this gene pools biological pathways.

2) Ski-pole transformed to the modern day walking pole with the Strapless – Method


An innovative way to enhance walking with the concept derived from the sport of skiing. This innovative creation was the efforts and energies of Tom Rutlin (Wisconsin, USA) which was termed Exerstrider (mid 1980’s). This legend worked tirelessly and with endless passion to bring his innovative waking method to the global community some years before Marko Kantaneva's Method.

Exerstrider is a credit to the man above and the belief in the “Strapless Method” of walking with poles.

All other styles and brands evolve from this gene pool and biological pathways

3) Ski-pole transformed to the modern day walking pole with the Strap Method.


Summer condition for X-Country Skiers in past history some say at the turn of the last Century. Modernised for the Global Community by Marko Kantaneva (Early / Mid 1990’s) and known by his fellow Finnish countrymen as Sauvakavely. “Sauva” means Pole and “Kavely” means Walking. No Nordic there.

Exel joins forces with Kantaneva (1997), and the Nordic WalkerTM pole product was born then the slang word of Nordic Walking was termed & adopted by all who became involved.

Kantaneva was a main force behind establishing INWA - International Nordic Walking Association (year 2000) and then other European pole manufacturers and education organisations followed and the rest is history.

Marko Kantaneva - Modern “Strap Method” - Credit to the man above as he’s been the “True Spirit & Blood” behind the European Walking way with poles.

Whatever you may wish to call it; all other styles and brands have evolved from this gene pool and biological pathway.

“The greatest thing of all is genetics and biological pathways of all things known to man can be traced from the original origin man can try and clone/genetically modify but all must start from the origin, just like it all started with a pole.”

So why not establish the “POLE WALKING” family?

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