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I have just finished reading Tom Rutlin's Summer 2008 Newsletter. This edition is packed with interesting ideas and tips, but one particular article grabbed my attention, and imagination.

Tom explained that he had been serving as a member of an advisory panel for the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center of the University of Illinois at Chicago. There, a number of other panel members, who were wheelchair users, were invited to take his Exerstrider (R) poles and have a go at wheelchair "exer-rolling". One of those who tried them out, Terry Chase, subsequently bought a pair, and now uses them as part of her exercise regime ( you can see a picture of Terry with her poles on John Merritt's blog at .

Terry, who lives in Denver, explained how effective they were at providing a good workout for both her cardiovascular system and her upper body. Terry was already an active person who engaged in a range of sports including kayak, swimming and XC-Skiing but simply pushing her chair as a form of exercise didn't appeal. It looks as if Exerstriding has filled a void.

I wonder if Finnish Nordic Walking would be viable for a wheelchair user? Perhaps the "push past the hip" - which is about at the same point as the wheel hub, would be difficult owing to the space taken by the wheels. However, I could envisage a wheelchair user "double poling" to great advantage. Feedback on this would be very welcome. Perhaps there might even be a category here for a marathon event - Nordic Rolling -or am I getting carried away?

Let me conclude with Terry's own closing, and inspirational remarks:-

"So now I have an exercise option that is inexpensive, portable and easy on my body and fun. I can train for XC-skiing any time of year and get a great cardiovascular workout at the same time. Happy poling!!"

Malcolm Jarvis
Nordic Walker Leeds UK

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