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Unique Nordic Walking Poles for People with Limited Hand Strength

The benefits that "adjustable" Nordic Walking poles have over "one piece / fixed length" poles are widely known and much has been written about this in my various publications and of course elsewhere. However, for some people eg those with limited hand strength, the adjustment mechanism on these poles can sometimes present a problem. OK, most people probably have someone who can adjust / re-adjust them when required but how much better would it be if everyone was able to adjust their poles themselves?

This problem has now been addressed by Nordic Walking pioneer "Tom Rutlin" of “Exerstrider Nordic Walking". Exerstrider recently added the "Activator" model to their pole range. The "Activator" is primarily designed for physical therapists and other medical specialists who requested a locking mechanism on an adjustable pole that would work better for people with limited hand strength.

The "Activator" features a pop-button/hole adjusting system like that commonly used on canes and walkers and easily adjusts from 41” to 51” to fit users from approximately 4’-4” to 6’-1” (proper sizing should be determined according to your needs by a medical professional) .

Note: Because of the pop-button adjusting system this model is not as whisper quiet in use as the other "two-piece" poles in the "Exerstrider" range.

* If the poles are to be used primarily for balance, the Bell-Shaped balance tips are recommended and must be ordered as a separate accessory)

David Says:

“A feature of all "Exerstrider" poles is the 'strapless' design. Personally I believe that a strapless design comes into it's own when the user has "balance instability" issues, where it may not be such a good idea to be 'strapped into' poles because of the increased risk of falling.”

All "Exerstrider" pole purchases come complete with Tom Rutlin’s 5-star rated Exerstride Method Nordic Walking Instructional video (DVD or VHS tape) and printed Instruction Manual and User’s Guide (A $19.95 value if purchased separately!)

David Says:

"I have owned a pair of "Exerstrider" poles for the past two and a half years (OS2 - AT/S Fitness Trekker - all terrain, all season (adjustable) model and excellent quality poles they are too!"

With the launch of his "Activator" poles Tom Rutlin proves that after more than 20 years "in the game" he remains very much an 'innovator' within the Nordic Walking movement. "

Check out these poles on Tom Rutlin’s Exerstrider Website here:

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