Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Nordic Walking UK Launch New 'Developmental Training Courses' for Instructors

Nordic Walking UK http://www.nordicwalking.co.uk/ have just announced the launch of a range of 'Developmental Training Courses' for it's instructors. Courses include:

Safe Leadership in Low Land Terrain - For instructors wishing to take groups on longer more challenging routes. Instructors will learn navigational skills, learn to deal with emergency situations more confidently and effectively, and gain the knowledge to understand and fully use the terrains that fall within their remit as Nordic Walking instructors. This course may be useful for insurance purposes for instructors wishing to work with groups in this terrain. Instructors will also have the opportunity to complete their Bronze National Navigation Award Scheme.

Outdoor First Aid - Outdoor First Aid course designed especially for Nordic Walking and including CPR and emergency outdoor first aid. With instructors gaining 'Approved Person' status which is a Nationally recognised qualification. Again this may be useful for instructor insurance purposes.

Dyna-band Outdoors - Dynaband a well known name in 'fitness resistance bands', have teamed up with Nordic Walking UK to offer a 'resistance training' workout that combines Nordic Walking poles and Dynabands. A Nordic Walking pole is instantly turned into an 'exercise bar' by wrapping the ends of the Dyna band around it and the resistance is adjusted simply by wrapping or unwrapping the Dynaband.

Participants are able to do a whole range of exercises that you would ordinarly see in a gym eg chest press, arm curls, tricep extensions etc. In the promotional literature Nordic Walking UK make a point of saying the bands are not suitable for use with adjustable poles. I find this comment rather puzzling, as I have used resistance bands with my adjustable poles without any problem whatsoever. I don't see why an adjustable pole is any different to a one piece pole when it comes to combining it with a Dynaband.

Note: Dynaband Outdoors is only available to Nordic Walking instructors who have a level 2 fitness qualification or above or instructors with exercise based medical qualifications.

Ultimate Nordic - Sports Conditioning - This course is aimed at instructors who want to take Nordic Walking to the next level eg who want to work with fitter clients and sports teams focusing on endurance, power, strength, flexibility and speed.

Note: Ultimate Nordic - Sports Conditioning is only available to Nordic Walking instructors who have a level 2 fitness qualification or above

Sales & Marketing - This course is designed to ensure that instructors have a growing database of prospects and clients . It has been my observation for many a year that too many companies / organisations take money off of people to train them and then they send them out into the world ill prepared because most of those people have no or very little experience of marketing. Therefore they fail! So, well done NWUK for introducing a sales & marketing course.

NWUK have now trained over 400 people to become INWA (International Nordic Walking Association) instructors. That figure has risen from about 130 when I trained with them three years ago. So things are moving slowly but surely in the right direction here in the UK.

Through the efforts of Nordic Walking UK and it's instructors, 25 councils (local government authorities), primary care trusts and charities are now offering Nordic walking classes. Nordic Walking appears regularly in the UK media including newspapers, magazines, tv and radio and Nordic Walking UK have been instrumental in achieving this media success.

So watch out the UK! You will soon be hearing alot more about Nordic Walking. Also, in the not too distant future there will hopefully be a Nordic Walking instructor near you, offering some interesting new classes!

David Downer
Nordic Walking News Blog Owner
Author - http://www.nordicwalkingstepbystep.com/

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