Monday, March 03, 2008


Asylum Seeking Athlete Trains with Nordic Walking Poles and Wins US Marathon...

Ethiopian Tamrat Ayalew has overcomes political persecution including death threats and physical disabilities to win the Little Rock Marathon in the USA.

In his native Ethiopia Ayalew was shot in the leg, imprisoned and tortured on several occasions.

Ayalew has achieved his Marathon success with the help of "Foot Solutions", a world-wide foot care health and wellness company. Ayalew has severe supination of the feet (see note below) and credits his Marathon success to an interesting combination...

...Ayalew wears custom "Foot Solutions" orthotics which correct his severe suppination whilst part of his training regime involves using Nordic Walking Poles whilst wearing "Foot Solutions" uniquely patented Chung Shi shoes. Both the shoes and the poles help Ayalew build strength and stability in a non-stressful way.

"Foot Solutions" have a name for this slight twist on ordinary Nordic Walking, they call it Balance Walking - that is Nordic Walking whilst wearing their patented Chung Shi Shoes.
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Note: A foot is in 'supination' when you appear to be standing on the outside edge of the foot. A degree of supination is natural particularly during the 'toe off' phase. However excessive pronation stretches the 'peroneals' (the stabilizer muscles on the outside of the lower leg), which can then lead to injury as it doesn't take much for the ankle to then roll over.

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