Saturday, January 05, 2008


Happy New "Nordic Walking" Year

I've just been checking out over at the Nordic Walking eCommunity Forum :

It's been a very quiet end to 2007 and start to 2008, although that is not unexpected at this time of year with all the celebrations of Christmas and the New Year. Although I understand that in the US the country shuts down for just one day - ChristmasDay? Whilst here over the other side of the pond it is simply ridiculous. The UK shuts down for two weeks + for many people...

Christmas starts in the shops at the beginning of September... Jingle Belles in September! By the time December comes around many people are already thoroughly fed up with Christmas. By the time the big day comes, for many it is an anti-climax. But as everyone seems to say, Christmas is for the children and of course they generally have a wonderful time.

With Christmas Day falling on a Tuesday this year, in the UK many companies shut down for the holidays on Friday December 21st and many of those companies don't start back again until next Monday (7th January) - It's madness (in my humble opinion). I think i'd rather have the American system of one day off and that's it rather than a 3 month build up leading to the country being partially paralized for two and a half weeks!

Anyway - We are now in the first week of 2008 and I wish all our readers a very happy and prosperous 2008 and may all your goals and dreams come true this year... And of course I also wish you a very Happy Nordic Walking Year too...

Kind Regards

David Downer
Owner / Editor - Nordic Walking News
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Yes, it was a long Christmas this year wasn't it. However, there was plenty of evidence round here that people liked to walk off the excess food/drink. Even some poles in sight on the promenade!
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