Sunday, August 05, 2007


Testimonial - There's no looking back!

I started walking for 40 minutes early in the morning just over a month ago as part of a program to loose weight. I had been walking on a treadmill which I found rather tedious. A few weeks ago I saw someone walking in the park using poles and shortly after that a colleague of mine mentioned that she Nordic Walks and was quite effusive about it, so I decided to have a go.

I bought poles, booked a session with an instructor and have Nordic Walked now just about every day since! I am aware that I have used parts of my body that I wasn't using when "normal" walking.

I have a problem with one shoulder, but in this past week the mobility in that shoulder has increased. I have found that my heart rate is higher than it usually is on the flat, and that I take about 10% fewer steps over the same distance compared with walking without poles, in more or less the same time.

So I am hooked! The comments and looks don't worry me, and yesterday a lady stopped me to ask about the poles. I have recruited my mother and put out feelers to find other walkers in my area. It looks as if this will take off - There's no looking back!

C June Barnes
Hastings, UK

I definitely get the impression that Nordic Walking is increasing in popularity on the South Coast in Sussex. I am also a beginner (still receiving instruction) but there seem to be quite a few of us in Brighton, Eastbourne, Seaford and Hastings. Maybe its the excellent opportunities for walking along our long promenades.

Hi Tom,

That's good news indeed. Nordic Walking is slowly catching on in the UK. To hear positive news like this is very encouraging.

David Downer
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