Friday, July 20, 2007


Here's Some Great Short Nordic Walking Videos to View

My thanks to Ildiko Szigeti and Steve Oakes of (Botsportis Hungarian for 'Pole Sport') for this information.

Botsport have produced a series of short videos that include examples of Nordic Walking, Nordic Walking training and some great group participation exercises (great fun as you can see from the response of the participants in the video).

I think these short videos really show the spirit of what NordicWalking is all about, a fun particiaption sport for people of allages. Young children, parents, grandparents - Generally people of all ages outside having fun and enjoying exercise together.

Here's the Botsport website:

The website is in Hungarian, but the films have music only, and youcan find them by clicking "film és képgalleria" and then "vidéok".

Happy Nordic Walking...


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