Friday, July 20, 2007


Tom Rutlin Audio - A 'must listen' to Interview for anyone with an interest in Nordic Walking

I highly recommend that you listen to the following fascinating audio interview featuring the founding father of our sport, Wisconsin, USA resident Tom Rutlin (photo).

I am convinced that you will be so glad that you took time out to listen. Tom presents many aspects of Nordic Walking in a way that will be entirely new for many people.

Whether you are taking a look at Nordic Walking for the first time or you are a seasoned campaigner. Whether you are an enthusiast or an instructor; whatever your interest in Nordic Walking, after hearing Tom Rutlin's thoughts and philosophies I am sure you will look at Nordic Walking in a new 'even more' positive light.

If you are anything like me I bet the first thing that you will want to do when the interview ends, is to grab your poles and head out thedoor!

Here's the link to the audio:

..Once there, just click the 'Listen to Audio' link, turn up your speakers and sit back and enjoy the show... (it lasts for 50 minutes - so grab a cool drink.)

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ps. In the audio Nordic Walking is refered to as 'Exerstriding'. Exerstriding is the original form of Nordic Walking first pioneered by Tom Rutlin in the USA in 1985 (12 years before ski pole manufacturers Exel launched Nordic Walking in Finland).

My name is Annette Strauch and I do Nordic Walking - mainly in Germany and in Wales, GB. The term Easy Striding is new to me. Not sure if I like it. You are using muscles and it is very active though fun!! It helps me when I am stressed, to lose weight and for my posture. Started when I had prolapsed discs....
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