Sunday, May 20, 2007


UK Nordic Walker Reaches the Magnetic North Pole & Sets a Record!

Thanks to London, UK based Nordic Walking Instructor Charlotte Rehn for this article:

Jan Meek, who used Nordic Walking in her training to walk to the Magnetic North Pole has made it!

The “Carpe Diem" team arrived at the finish at 21.25 local time 3rd May in very good order with smiles all over their faces. Another Polar first with Jan Meek, at a youthful 62, becoming the oldest woman to walk to a Pole - beating the record set by Babs Powell in the 2003 Polar Race.

If I were Saga (UK market leader in holidays for retired people), I would be wanting to sign Jan up as an ambassador as she has surely proven that age is no barrier if you have the mind to do it. She also looks incredible for it as well! Tribute also to her son Dan and his old mate Richard Profit who were with her all the way.

At this stage in the Race I usually heave a great sigh of relief. They are all safely at the finish. A 100% success rate, hence maintaining Polar Adventure's impeccable record in getting people safely to a Pole. Most importantly no major injuries. A tribute to the training programme, the trainers, the race organisation and the determination of the Racers themselves.

Now let us get them safely back to Resolute.”

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