Wednesday, April 18, 2007


ANWA Announce New 'Chicago' (USA) Instructor Training Seminar

ANWA (American Nordic Walking Association) have announced an additional ANWA Nordic Walking Certification Seminar in the Chicago, Illinois area May 26 - 28. (This seminar is in addition to those previously announced for Los Angeles, Denver, and Lake Tahoe / Reno during April and May. If you are interested in the Spruce Pine, NC Seminar - it will now be held in early summer).

Each of these seminars will be conducted by one of ANWA's Master Coaches - ensuring the highest quality of Nordic Walking training.
For further details of ANWA instructor training visit:

If you'd prefer to have more experience before attending an Instructor Certification Seminar, or if you'd simply like to introduce a friend to this amazing sport - ANWA invite you to attend a Introductory Nordic Walking Course. These will be held before each of the Training Seminars

For further details of ANWA Introductory Workshops visit:

David: I have registered with ANWA and am still hoping far a New York (or East Coast) seminar. I see that there is someone mentioned in your blog - Deb Splaine - who lives where I do on Long Island, NY.
A google search has not yielded any instruction she may be offering - if there is any way that we could be connected so I could follow up on my interest in Nordic Walking I would greatly appreciate it! (FYI - I came across it last year in Florida in chatting with an "older" woman who was a fan!)

Many thanks for any assistance you can provide.
Debbie's contact details can be found on the USA INWA website at look under Instructors mid-atlantic and then New York. You will find Debbie listed at the bottom of the list.

Hope that helps

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