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Nordic Walking - Ski Readiness Training Program (Week 10)

I am very grateful to Stuart Montgomery for putting together this training course.
As well as being a fellow INWA Nordic Walking Instructor Stuart is a Director of Tour Operator XCuk Ltd the company who are providing the Nordic Walking News cross-country skiing holiday to Norway this coming February.

Welcome to Week 10 of our 10-week course.

It is intended mainly for those joining our cross-country skiing holiday in Norway next week. (For details of the holiday see

But the course will also benefit anyone who wants to improve their fitness. If you missed the last nine weeks, please go back to our posting of 4 December where you will find the overall rationale. Please also remember that in earlier postings we described mobilisation exercises for you to do before every workout, and muscle stretches to do after every workout.

Congratulations you've nearly made it:

Today is Sunday February 4th and our intrepid group of cross-country skiers are off to Norway for a fantastic week's skiing - Look out for the photos!

No training exercises this week as such, instead we encourage you to get out there just like our skiers will (everyday if possible) and Nordic Walk. Now we appreciate there may be limitations eg work for example, but do your best. An hour a day perhaps?

Our skiers will be out in the Norwegian snow both mornings and afternoons, Monday through Saturday. They will start the week with 'Snow Shoeing' before going onto the skies. The goal is to be able to cross-country ski for 10kms + (6.25 miles +) by the end of the week. So perhaps a similar goal Nordic Walking by next weekend would be something worth aiming for?

See how it goes. Listen to your body and if it is saying rest, then do so. Take time to enjoy your environment as our skiers will and have a great week!

Stuart Montgomery
Director (


David Downer
Editor - Nordic Walking News

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