Monday, January 22, 2007


Results of 2006 Finnish Nordic Walking Survey

My thanks to Francis Mitchell - Managing Director of Nordic Walking UK for this posting from the INWA (International Nordic Walking Association) newsletter. Nordic Walking UK are the UK representatives for INWA and offer instructor training at venues throughout the UK and Ireland. They are also the UK importers of Exel Nordic Walking poles and accessories.

INWA’s Finnish member association ''Suomen Latu' recently launched the results of their Nordic Walking survey for 2006. The number of people Nordic Walking in Finland seems to remain at 1.5 million people this year (out of a population of approx 5.1 million). 720,000 Finnish residents Nordic Walk at least once a week.

Nordic Walking is extremely popular especially among women. 26% of women Nordic Walk regularly and 50% of Finnish women have tried Nordic Walking. Nordic Walking has also become more popular among men each year. Nowadays 11% of men Nordic Walk regularly versus in 1999 when the number was only 4%.

Nordic Walking is most popular among over 65 year old people. 39% of over 65's Nordic Walking at least once a week. Nordic Walking is also popular amongst 50-64 year old people with 23% of them Nordic Walking regularly.

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