Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Are You UK Based? Then Support Nordic Walking in the UK by Supporting This New Forum!

I'd just like to ask you, particularly if you are UK based (but if you are not why not check this out anyway?) - To go to this new Nordic Walking Forum (Below) and to 'please' contribute!!!!


The reason for my request is that Jonathon, who has set up this new Forum, is the General Manager of a UK chain of specialist running shops called 'Up & Running'. Jonathon has linked up with 'Nordic Walking UK' (UK's INWA representatives) to help promote Nordic Walking on our side of the 'Pond'. Jonathon is doing his bit to support us, so lets do our bit to support Jonathon and his company. At the very least we can all do this by supporting his Forum!

We need all the help we can get if Nordic Walking is to realise it's potential in the UK (or in any other country come to that) and here we have a chain of specialist running stores keen to come on side with us, so lets please go and check out and contribute:


And...If you have an 'Up & Running' store in your area why not go and check it out. At the very least please checkout their online store at:



David Downer

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