Thursday, December 21, 2006


Stride and Glide - A manual of cross-country skiing and Nordic Walking

I have just finished reading Stride and Glide a manual of cross-country skiing and Nordic Walking by Paddy Field and Stuart Montgomery.

Many of you will know the name Stuart Montgomery. Stuart is the designer of the 10 week "Nordic Walking - Ski Readiness" training program which is currently being posted on this website each week. Since 1990 Stuart has held management positions in specialist travel companies in the UK, organising holidays and courses for cross-country skiers and walkers. He is presently a director of XCuk Ltd who are the ATOL bonded UK tour operator providing the "Nordic Walking News" - cross-country skiing holiday to Norway in February - visit:

Stuart is also an INWA Nordic Walking instructor.

Paddy Field (yes that is his real name!) is a former international athlete and coach. Since 1987 Paddy has been a Technical Delegate for the FIS (International Ski Federation) and has built a worldwide reputation as the chairman of the FIS committee responsible for marathon ski racing.

"Stride and Glide" is an ideal read for beginners and advanced skiers alike, and for track enthusiasts as well as mountain tourers. There are valuable chapters on Nordic Walking and also general fitness including building training programs that are adaptable, and of equal value to both cross-country skiers and Nordic Walkers alike.

"Stride and Glide" offers a new dimension to any Nordic Walking training program and is of value to anyone who is serious about either Nordic Walking or cross-country skiing. The cross-over between Nordic Walking and cross-country skiing becomes very clear when you read "Stride and Glide" and I am now even more convinced than ever that these two sports, which are both members of the 'Nordic Fitness' family, go very much hand in hand.

I am sure Paddy & Stuart's efforts will be responsible for many Nordic Walkers deciding to give cross-country skiing a go (if you love Nordic Walking you're bound to love cross-country skiing). Whilst on the other hand many cross-country skiers are discovering that Nordic Walking is the 'perfect' exercise for them to maintain their 'ski-fitness' 52 weeks a year.

I am very happy to recommend this excellent book!

David Downer
Editor Nordic Walking News


To order your copy of "Stride and Glide a manual of cross-country skiing
and Nordic Walking" by Paddy Field and Stuart Montgomery, simply click the book link towards the top of the left hand column of this page.

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