Monday, December 18, 2006


On the first day of Christmas my true love said to me...

With just 7 days to go until Christmas Day and with millions of people concerned about the potential effects on their 'waist line', I have decided to put my 'weight loss coach' hat on and post some daily tips, right up to and including Christmas Eve. So, if you have concerns about your waistline - this will hopefully see you waltz through the celebrations 'healthily', happily and without adding any unwanted pounds.

On the first day of Chrismas my true love said to me...


Fear ye not - The occasional ‘forbidden fruit’ isn’t going to undo your whole healthy lifestyle regime. But do think before you fill your plate. Just because everyone else is throwing vast quantities of food down their throat like it's going out of fashion, doesn't mean that we all have to follow like sheep!

Oh; and please don't make the 'excuse' that they didn't have any small plates only large ones! Why not take a small plate with you and decide you will only have one small plate of food from the buffet.

Before each mouthful of food passes your lips - ask yourself this question. Do I really need to eat this food or am I just eating for eating sake? Eg being greedy! Why not take control and take smaller portions.

How hungry are you anyway? Don't just shovel food down your throat non stop (it's supposed to touch the sides!). Take a small mouthfull and eat slowly - chew - chew - chew (how long can you make each mouthful last?). Be a conisseur of food - savour the moment - identify the taste - the texture - "enjoy" the experience of each mouthful. Don't just 'gorge' yourself!

After you have swallowed, wait a few moments - enjoy the moment and then before you put more food in your mouth ask yourself "Do I really need to eat any more?" You'd be surprised, if you would only stop long enough to find out.

Once you are satisfied STOP! If there is food left on your plate leave it and walk away! You really do not have to clear your plate - there is no law saying that you do is there?

What about the question of there being no 'healthy options' on offer? That's really simple - Why not prepare your own healthy low fat snacks and have them with you in case there’s only sugary, fatty stuff on offer. Just think ahead a little.

OK - "But I couldn't possibly do that because it would offend the host / hostess" Then why not eat before you go to the party, so that you eat in your own controlled environment, so that when you go to the party you are not hungry... So as not to offend the host / hostess you could just be seen with a few small items on your plate.

How many times have you not eaten before a party and when you get there the food isn't served for ages, when the food is eventually served, you end up eating far too much because you are so hungry that you just devour it?

So, it's really about being prepared - Think ahead and take control. The only person responsible for what passes your lips is you! You can enjoy a wonderful party without gorging on excessive amounts of fat filled / unhealthy foods...

There is an old saying - "A little of what you fancy does you good" - So do take a little of what you fancy and savour the moment, just don't be excessive - and please don't feel guilty!

Tomorrow we talk about "Christmas Spirit" :-)

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