Monday, December 18, 2006


Nordic Walkers Cause Car Accident ?

My thanks to Francis Mitchell - Managing Director of Nordic Walking UK for this information from a recent INWA (International Nordic Walking Association) newsletter. Nordic Walking UK are the UK representatives for INWA and offer instructor training at venues throughout the UK and also Ireland

I thought that headline might get your attention.

Fortunately it was only a minor collision but at a recent INWA Convention, a group of Nordic Walking instructors 'indirectly' caused a passing car driver to have a collision!

Note: The instructors were not at fault as the following eye witness testimony shows:

Eyewitness testimony:

"Middle-aged gentleman was driving his car until he saw a group of 'nice looking
ladies' doing 'Nordic Walking' in a park. He took a first look, then another and then… CRASH! Straight road, no traffic, lovely weather, he just lost the control of his car because of staring at INWA Nordic Walking Coaches doing some Nordic Walking exercising."

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