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David's Motivational Message - # 1

I have decided to do something different. I am going to post a regular motivational message - I hope they will be insirational for somebody! I love writing and talking about all things motivational... I am a great fan of 'personal development and apart from my sports and fitness back ground I am a qualified 'Life Coach', so this really is something that's close to my heart.

One of the biggest barriers standing in the way of achievement for anyone is something called 'self limiting beliefs' - And I mean anything and in any area of life! Eg - Health & Fitness / Family Life / Career / Your Recreation / Money / Relationships with anyone; including your partner, your children, your boss, your colleagues at work, your neighbours etc:

Do you know anyone who says things like...

"I can never lose weight because it's in my genes (eg it's my parents fault!) and that's the way I am".

"I just can't climb hills, they kill me... and that's the way I am!"

"I could never walk / run a marathon, I can't even go around the block without getting out of breath and all my family are the same (it's their fault) ... and that's the way I am!"

"I could never get on with those new neighbours; They took an instant dislike to me (it's their fault) because... and that's the way I am!"

"Be a Nordic Walking instructor? You gotta be kidding... I couldn't stand up in front of a group of people... I tried that once and everybody laughed at me... and that's the way I am!"

"I could never be glamorous / or cool / or look young again / be successful / be self employed / be a happy person again / etc etc... because, because, because... and that's the way I am!"

"I'll never have money - It was never meant to be... I fail at everything I try... It's my eductaion; it's my upbringing; it's my partners fault, it's the cat's fault; if the dog hadn't got pregnent; I'm too old / too young / too fat / too thin / the wrong color / race / creed...and that's the way I am!"

Self limiting beliefs suffocate achievement...

I hope you enjoy the following article. It is written by a gentleman that I have alot of respect for. He is a UK based internet marketer by the name of Martin Avis. Martin very kindly took time out to help me (a complete stranger) a couple of years ago when I was just getting started properly with taking my business online. I am looking forward to meeting Martin for the first time in January at an internet marketers lunch he is holding in London UK.

Martin runs a 3 times a week e-newsletter (e-zine) called 'Kickstart Today'. Whilst Kickstart is aimed at internet marketers, anyone with an interest in personal development should find it interesting / inspirational. If you'd like to check out Kickstart Daily (subscription is free) go to:

Here's Martin's Article

Let's start this new week by looking at the things that are inside your head that will try to stop you from being the success you deserve.

There is a technical term for them:

'Self-limiting beliefs.'

Take a look at those three words.

Self: Self implies that it is inside of you. That it has no external reference. It is your creation. No-one else's.

Limiting: To limit is to set a barrier. A barrier that you cannot pass.

Beliefs: Beliefs are ideas that are taken on trust. They have no particular basis in fact - they are something that you have come to accept without question.

Self-limiting beliefs: uncorroborated ideas that you have put in place to set artificial barriers for yourself.

We all have thousands of them. Every single one of us believes absolutely in hundreds of so-called facts that hold us back from where we really should be going.

When I was 11 my head teacher told my parents that I was a good student but I was let down by my writing. I took that to mean that I was a bad writer (I think now he meant my handwriting, but the damage was done). So for the next 30 years I hardly dared to write anything. I was NOT a writer. I believed that absolutely, but still there was a voice inside of me that was trying to get out.

Then one day I wrote a few things for my own amusement and other people got to see them. They said they liked what they saw and had I got any more?

Bang! My self-limiting belief was challenged. My inner voice escaped.

Now I write every day for thousands of people, have produced five ebooks and have at least three more on the blocks.

I can now say, without fear of my brain laughing at me, that I AM a writer.

My wife had a similar experience. An art teacher once held her work up to show the class and said, 'this is rubbish'. Delia has never drawn another picture again and despite people telling her that she could draw if she wanted to, the scar runs too deep.

I still have other self-limiting beliefs. I can read the words on a tax return, for example, but my brain refuses to let me understand them.

I know I COULD install my new forum software, but my self-limiting belief keeps telling me that I will mess it up.

But you know what - I recognize these self-limiting beliefs as the fallacies that they really are. I KNOW in my heart that they are only my brain's way of protecting
me from failure.

But what is worse - failing to succeed or failing to try?

Your self-limiting beliefs are probably every bit as silly as my ones. And you are sure to be far more able than you ever give yourself credit for.

So to start this week, my message is simply this - suspend your disbelief in yourself.

From now on, stop suspecting that you CAN'T and start to believe that you CAN.

You will find a lot of barriers melt away.

Martin Avis

Footnote from David... Or put another way: "If you think you can you can: If you think you can't you're right!"

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