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Writers / Contributors Wanted for Nordic Walking News

First an apology... Following a request earlier this year a number of people contacted me expressing an interest in writing / contributing to Nordic Walking News. Unfortunately, due to the major computor problems I suffered mid summer I lost alot of my contacts, including some of the people who had put their name forward... Therefore, if you are one of those people and you have not heard back from me, I offer my sincere apologise...

I would now like to make my request again...

Perhaps you are a Nordic Walking enthusiast who enjoys researching and / or has a flair for writing and you would like to play a part in the next phase of development of Nordic Walking News?

Perhaps you are an industry professional who would like to raise your own profile and that of your company / website and become recognised on the international stage as an Nordic Walking expert (NW News has subscribers in over 50 countries / territories across the world)...

Note: Although I have an extensive background in the fitness / sports industry going back over nearly 30 years, nobody in the Nordic Walking industry had heard of David Downer 18 months ago! Imagine what you could achieve in the next 18 months off the back of my success and by sharing my stage - If you aspired to it of course!

If you already have that recognition perhaps we can work together to further raise your profile and and that of your company by spreading your message to even more people.

Maybe you would like to be a 'columnist' and have your own regular column? Or, perhaps you would like to be a Nordic Walking News 'Field Reporter', reporting on Nordic Walking news in your state, county, city or town?

I am open to all offers and suggestions... Simply, if you would like to use Nordic Walking News to put your message out there to Nordic Walkers across the world I would love to give you that opportunity.

I am able to offer reciprical benefits to all writer contributors eg I will promote you, your business and your website via Nordic Walking News and NW e-Community and via other exciting projects I have in the pipeline, in return for your contributions

Note: Some of the contributors whose articles have already appeared in Nordic Walking News have since featured in my book - 'Nordic Walking Step by Step' and of course they have been given due credit and publicity in my book... A win, win situation for all concerned. Perhaps you'd like to be featured in a future book / publication?

I am currently working closely with one of my contributors on some exciting holiday projects.. another potential win, win situation for us both.

Simply... You help me and I will do all I can to help you...

Note: Even if you do not consider yourself to be a Nordic Walking expert that's not a problem! If you have expertise / knowledge in associated areas that would be of interest to Nordic Walkers, that knowledge / information can be adapted to a Nordic Walking theme...

Eg: An expert in Nutrition might write an article "Essential Nutrition tips for Nordic Walkers". An athletic coach might write an article - "12 week step by step training program to Nordic Walk your first half marathon". I'm sure you get the idea....

Of course many writers do not have any specialist knowledge in the particular field they write! Instead their skill is researching a subject and then writing creatively based on their research. Whatever you have knowledge or expertise in, if you would like to write for Nordic Walking News I would be very pleased to hear from you.

I have been asked to write some guidelines for prospective writers so here goes...

Article Guidelines

+ Articles should be relevant to the topic (a bit obvious really) - But take 'goal setting' as an example... The goal setting article should be tied into Nordic Walking versus being a stand alone article about goal setting with no mention of Nordic Walking.

+ I ask all contributors to respect that my publications are 'independent' and my aim is to promote Nordic Walking in general without bias or favour to any one manufacturer or Nordic Walking organisation.

+ Articles cannot be an advert for a company, product or service. The reader should not be able to say "this is just an advert." However, in return for contributing an article I will promote the writer, their business and website via a resource box. I am happy to liase with the writer as to the contents of the resource box. Here is a couple of examples of a resource box.

David Downer is Editor of Nordic Walking News and author of Nordic Walking Step by Step. To download your FREE 4 Chapter Excerpt visit:

David Downer offers 'private' Nordic Walking tuition to individuals, couples and groups in the Poole & Bournemouth area of Dorset, England and 'One to One' Pole based Physical Therapy. Visit:

+ I cannot accept articles that attempt to negative sell - eg Articles that make negative statements about one manufacturers product / equipment design etc in order to influence readers to select an alternative manufacturers product / equipment design.

+ Individual articles should ideally be around the 300 words count (eg 250 - 350 words). Larger articles are absolutely fine but ideally these should be broken down into a series of articles eg a 900 word article would make a great 3 part series of articles each of approx 300 words.

Note: Why write a 900 word article and feature yourself once, when you could split it into a 3 part series and feature yourself on 3 seperate occassions?

+ As people tend to scan online articles (versus read word for word), short paragraphs are best. A maximum of 6 lines per paragraph is recommended

+ Articles must be the original work of the writer. Where quotes etc are used or scientific research reproduced, appropriate credit must be given to the originator. Of course plagiarism or any other breach of copyright or ownership is unacceptable

+ The use of bullet points is encouraged as is...

+ A good headline plus the use of sub-headers

+ As editor I reserve the right to edit all articles

Interested? Then email me at:

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