Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Nordic Walking Book - Physical Edition Now Available!

Following the successful launch (4 months ago), of the world's first Nordic Walking book in the English language - my own "Nordic Walking Step By Step" (by David Downer). I am delighted to announce that the real live 'physical version' is now on sale.

For the full information and / or to order either the Physical version or the eBook version, please visit:

Note: When ordering either version of my book, you will be taken to an external website that handles the order fullfillment and the financial transaction.

The Physical version retails at $24.95 plus US sales tax (if applicable) plus shipping (shipping costs vary by location).

Note: It doesn't matter what your local currency is. The automated ordering system handles all currencies, the fact that the book is advertised in US dollars has no bearing on this, it will convert your currency to US dollars.

Note: If you want to confirm the 'total' cost before ordering (which will vary depending on your location), simply go through the online ordering process up to the point where the total (including sales tax if applicable & shipping) is confirmed - At that point you can then decide if you want to proceed with your order.

Note: If you want to convert US Dollars to your local currency, there is an online currency converter at the following website. Please be aware that this website will not necessarilly convert at the rate that will be applied to your transaction when you place your order but it will give you an approximate guide.

Note: The binding I have chosen for my book is Wire-O. The benefit of this to you is that when you open the book at a page the book will lay open flat eg on a table or floor (great if you are out in the local park following my 10 point program).

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!!

With the Physical Book (NOT the ebook)there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Note: Please be aware that only the front and back cover of the Physical Book are in full color (only the ebook is full color throughout). The inside copy plus all the photos / graphics are black and white. Unfortunately some of the impact of the photos is lost with black and white versus full color. However the contents of
the ebook and the Physical book are identical.

So here is the website again (this is the only place that you can order the physical version at present).

Note: Before you order my book please read the (recently updated)information on the website and download and read the f-r-e-e 4 chapters excerpt. Included with the free excerpt is the recently added 'Forward' to the book written by Bernd Zimmermann - President of the American Nordic Walking Association (ANWA)

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