Saturday, October 21, 2006


Dog Lover's - Nordic Walking Testimonial

"I have only been Nordic Walking for 4 months here in New Zealand. I have always walked with a hiking stick due to bad knees but Nordic Walking is great. It is fun, invigorating and works the whole body. I have lost a lot of weight and am feeling so less stressed.

I have a medium sized terrier. I thought Nordic Walking would not be compatible with walking my dog but I have found that if I have my small pack on with a carabiner on the waist band my dog will walk in front of me and he loves it.

The lead is just long enough for him to be ahead of me without him getting accidentally kicked but not too long so he wanders. I prefer to have him in front rather than behind (It also helps up hills :-)

I have walked with groups of people and he doesn't get in the way of others. He is a real talking point too. On the beach I allow him off lead. My dog is looking a lot healthier now that he gets an hour of exercise a day.

I bought David's Nordic Walking book and I found the explanation and '10 Step Plan' very easy to understand and the pictures were great to reinforce the descriptions."

Rachel Rait
Christchurch, New Zealand

Note: Photo permission Tom Rutlin:

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