Sunday, September 24, 2006


Book - Nordic Walking Step by Step (Update)

Following the successful launch of my book 'Nordic Walking Step by Step' in ebook format in July, the wait for the Physical version is almost over! It's been published and all I have to do is see a copy and approve it and it will then go on sale! I hope to be able to tell you more in a week or so.

For those of you who have been asking about buying bulk quantities for retailing I will have some news about that too.

I have not forgotten my promise that if you have already bought the ebook version of 'Nordic Walking Step by Step' that you will be able to upgrade to the physical version at a special price (plus shipping). Details of how you will be able to do this will be emailed to you, again once I have approved the physical version.

In the mean time anyone buying the ebook version right now will already be downloading the 'updated' version. There have been a number of changes / additions since the original addition was published including:

* The addition of a 'Forward' by Bernd Zimmermann, President of ANWA. I was thrilled that someone with the standing of Bernd Zimmermann came forward offering to do this for me

* A new addition to the Sports & Fitness (Advanced) Exercises Chapter - Skate Jumps: Skate jumps mimic (as close as they can) the action of a skater.

* The addition of INFO (International Nordic Fitness Organisation) in the Origins & History Chapter.

* On the back cover, a few of the wonderful testimonials I have received from ordinary Nordic Walkers, Instructors and people from a medical background.

Of course I haven't forgotten that I promised to send a FREE copy of the updated ebook to everyone who purchased the original edition, so if this applies to you then keep an eye on your Inbox this coming week.

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me messages of congratulations regarding 'Nordic Walking Step by Step', together with the many testimonials - I can say 'hand on heart' that the positive responses I have received have far exceeded even my wildest dreams- Thank you everyone so much!

If you have yet to check out the 'Nordic Walking Step by Step' website here it is:

Ok that almost all for now - Except to say that Christmas Day is only 9 weeks, less one day away... And right now I am working on a very exciting Nordic Walking project with Christmas in mind! I know I am going to be accused again of being a tease! Oh Well - I will have to live with it because right now I can't possibly tell you what it's all about, except to say it is something that I feel sure will be of interest to any Nordic Walker who celebrates Christmas - And it will be another first!!! :-)

Note: Thinking about it, even if you don't celebrate Christmas I think you will find this interesting!

As they say... Watch this space!

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