Friday, August 18, 2006


Rubber Tips Slipping on Wet Asphalt & Leaves etc

Rubber feet slipping on wet asphalt & leaves etc is something that we probably all have to face from time to time. Here is what I do to counter this problem.

1) A firmer grip can help. For those who have read my book - 'Stop Milking the Cow'!

2) I reduce the range of my arm movement eg I don't take my arm as far back behind my hip as I would normally, as per when using the full Nordic Walking technique.

3) I plant my pole tips further forward

4) Where possible I avoid wet leaves.

Finally - Experiment and find out what works for you and see if you can come up with some different ideas. The above suggestions weren't given to me by anyone. I found I had a problem with my pole tips slipping on wet surfaces and leaves and I experimented to find out if I could find a way to overcome the problem.

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