Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Nordic Walking & Cross-Country Skiing Vacations

Following my posting about my last trip to Corfu and the possibility of a vacation walking the 140 mile long Corfu Trail, I have had numerous requests from people interested in less strenuous 'pole based' holidays (140 miles over 14 days, over variable terrain, including mountains is alot of Nordic Walking!).

I mentioned my 4 new major projects (posting below): Well - One involves 'vacations', including not only Nordic Walking vacations but also 'cross country skiing vacations too!

As you may know Nordic Walking and Cross Country Skiing are closely allied to one another; infact they make up two of the six Nordic Fitness Sports mentioned in another recent posting here at Nordic Walking News . Nordic Walking is now recognised as a great way of leading into cross-country skiing and many cross-country skiers now use Nordic Walking during the snow free months.

Note: The concept of Fitness Walking with poles / Nordic Walking came about via cross-country skiing.

So - I have teamed up with a fellow Nordic Walking instructor - Stuart Montgomery who is also a Director of Cross Country Ski Tour Operator - 'XCuk' and we are planning to offer a 'beginners' cross-country skiing holiday in Norway in February 2007 for readers of Nordic Walking News. Stuart is a great guy who has many years experience as a vacation tour operator.

Note: No previous cross-country skiing or 'snow' experience required to come along on this vacation!

For the first two days of the vacation you will be introduced to the snow via another Nordic Fitness Sport - 'Snow Shoeing'. So, whether you are 17 or 70 - If you ever fancied a holiday on the snow to include cross-country skiing and 'snow shoeing' - Why not join Nordic Walking News for 7 days of 'Winter Wonderland' in Norway Feb 4 – Feb 11 2007? We will even be able to arrange some extra days for you to take in Norway's capital city 'Oslo' if you wish!

Remember this holiday is for cross-country skiing beginners of any age and from any country in the world. If the idea of trying something new in the snow interests you in principle - drop me a line and as soon as I have full details including costs (this will be after my current vacation) , I will come back to you:

Note: We will be providing a training schedule for you to prepare well in advance, for your week in the snow.

I have wanted to try cross-country skiing for many years but the opportunity has never presented itself to me until now. If you have thought the same way why not join me in Norway in February 2007?

Remember the Nordic Fitness Sports of Nordic Walking, Cross-country skiing and Snow Shoeing are the perfect compliment to one another! So - Will I see you in Norway next February?

Note: I appreciate that for many readers of Nordic Walking News, across the other side of the world Norway is a distant destination - Well, why not make the trip really worthwhile and combine it with a visit to friends and or relatives in Europe? Or, if you have never been to Europe before why not make this your excuse to visit and while you are here take in one or two other destinations too eg Paris, France or London, England - The whole of Europe is your oyster!

To request full details (on my return from my current vacation) email: david.bh13@virgin.net.

Note: Details of a Nordic Walking News - 'Entry Level' Nordic Walking vacation will also be available soon - We are looking at a wonderful mainland European destination in May 2007(watch this space!)

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