Thursday, July 27, 2006


Nordic Walking Poles and Airport Luggage Handlers

I received an email from one of my personal clients recently concerning an unfortunate experience transporting brand new one piece poles on an airplane. Here is part of that email and my reply...

"When I had to check in for the flight back I just tied the top and bottom of my poles together and checked them in. At the luggage desk I was disturbed to hear they just put them through the normal luggage system (I assumed they would be individually handled by the airline). When after the flight I eventually retrieved them from the baggage conveyor they were slightly scratched but fortunately not bent.

Is there a standard method of flying with your poles? It would have taken just one large suitcase to land across them and they would be written off. A soft traveling bag would stop scratches but not bending."

My answer:

When travelling by air you need to make sure your poles are adequately protected. Probably the best solution I have heard of, is to wrap the poles in 'bubble wrap' or some other protective layer and encase them in some plastic piping, the sort you buy at a plumbing store. Buy a couple of end caps and tape the ends and you have well protected poles.

Note: You will probably need to check them in as oversized baggage and after the flight go to the oversize baggage collection area to retrieve them.

I have used cardboard postal tubing myself and someone else has suggested pipe lagging, again from a plumbing store.

Now when I'm travelling I tend to pack my telescopic poles which fit nicely in my suitcase.


David ,
Pool cue cases are good to use for air travel, if you want to protect your pools.
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