Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Reebok & Exel Announce Strategic Partnership !

Is Nordic Walking about to come of age in the US? ... Whilst it's far too early to call, it certainly has taken a big leap forward with the announcement that sports goods giant Reebok have partnered with leading pole manufacturer Exel.

"This is a perfect way to grow the business in North America," ..."This will actually help boost things in the right direction. I'm proud of Reebok stepping up to the plate."- said Chris Griffin, Exel's North American vice president of sales.

"This has the potential … if we start showing it as more of a training program and more of a fitness activity"... said Marcy Schwam, director of global walking for Reebok.

Even other pole manufacturers see this as a positive move for Nordic Walking..

The arrangement will offer the activity "more exposure and more legitimacy," said Lindy Spiezer, Leki marketing manager. She added... "We are all feeding off each other's success, infact, we're counting on it."

All we need now is for an International celebrity to shed the pounds and announce that Nordic Walking is the best thing since sliced bread and is totally responsible for their fabulous new looks and we really will be rocking and rolling! Talking of which, Madonna has her English Country mansion about 30 miles from my hometown in Southern England - Perhaps I should call by for tea and scones one afternoon :-) ?... David

For further information on the Reebok / Exel deal visit:



With thanks to Jeanne Goldberg, ANWA instructor in Philadelphia for this information. For information on Jeanne's classes email: nordicwalking4u@aol.com

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