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Nordic Night Walking

My thanks to my fellow UK instructor Heathley Clarke for this article. Heathley's company http://www.nordic-fitness.co.uk/ specialises in providing instruction, coaching and guidance in all Nordic Fitness sports including: Nordic Walking, Nordic Blading, Nordic Skiing.... David (Editor).

This article introduces Nordic Night Walking, an extension to Nordic Walking.

Why put your poles away when it’s dark?

Nordic Walking is an all-year round health and fitness exercise, so you don’t have to put your Nordic Walking poles away just because the Sun goes down. Nordic Night Walking is an innovative new experience in continuing your workout when it gets dark.

Nordic Night Walking is exactly the same as walking during daylight hours, however, you do need some illumination to help you walk safely and without tripping-up! Using special headlamps or head torches, you can walk along country paths clearly, whilst experiencing a whole new sense of fulfilment.

Obviously, the brighter your headlamp, the better your vision will be – for yourself, and others to see you! Experienced Nordic Night Walkers use a low-weight headlamp, which runs on small-sized batteries, and with illumination stretching about 50 metres (variable, depending on lamp and battery strength). Petzl is a good manufacturer, offering headlamps to suit many budgets.

Is Nordic Night Walking different to daylight Nordic Walking? No, it’s just a totally different experience, and sense of freedom and control. If you have a good basic Nordic Walking technique, the only aspect which you would need to focus on is your direction and establishing firm foot plants during your cadence. The headlamp needs to be directed to the ground between 2-5 metres in front to allow forward anticipation of direction and foot-plants; if the headlamp is positioned too near to your feet you will not see your direction; and, too far ahead could result in tripping-over.

What is needed, however, is a sense of confidence to experience a totally new way of continuing your Nordic Walking workout after the Sun goes down. Nordic Night Walking in the Winter, when there’s snow on the ground, adds an even better dimension. Try it with a partner first, to build-up your confidence.

Heathley Clarke

Note: Personal safety and security is of paramount importance at all times. Please consider this before deciding to head out alone at night! There tends to be greater safety in numbers...David

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