Thursday, April 20, 2006


Update - New Zealand Team Complete 100K Nordic Walk for Oxfam

Nordic Walking News subscribers Peter & Steffi Mueller, Wendy Bowling and Colin Merrick from Tauranga, New Zealand have successfully completed the inaugral Oxfam Trailwalker New Zealand Event (original posting March 22nd). The team finished 33rd out of 200 teams. They Nordic Walked 100km in 21hrs and 24 mins in the event which took place north of Lake Taupo.

Steffi said... "We started walking at 7am on the Saturday and finished on the Sunday at 4.24am. Walking at night time in the dark, rain and over unknown farm land, up and downhill was the hardest part. On Sunday afternoon, we all had problems because of blisters . We had an awesome time, it was a great experience."

Peter, Wendy, Steffi & Colin praise the efforts of their support team and thank Leki who supplied their poles.

If you are interested in taking up Nordic Walking and you live within the Tauranga area of New Zealand why not check out Steffi's website:

Well done guys - what an amazing pace. My team also did the Taupo Trailwalker, taking 26:55. My blog is
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