Monday, April 03, 2006


Help Wanted - Contributors / Writers Wanted for Nordic Walking News & Associated Publications !

Would you like to write for Nordic Walking News?

If so, over the coming months I am looking to build a team of writers who would like to contribute Nordic Walking related articles either on an occasional or regular basis.

You may have seen articles recently contributed eg by Stuart Montgomery (Nordic Walking & Cross-Country Skiing / Heathley Clarke (Nordic Inline Skating / Nordic Blading) / Jeanne Goldberg & Tom Rutlin (Nordic Walking with our Canine Friends / Fran Loots (Nordic Walking & Goal Setting)

Maybe you are a Nordic Walking enthusiast who enjoys researching and / or has a flair for writing and you would like to play a part in the next phase of development of Nordic Walking News?

Perhaps you are an industry professional who would like to raise your own profile and that of your company / website and become recognised on the international stage as an Nordic Walking expert (NW News has subscribers in around 40 countries / territories across the world). If you already have that recognition perhaps we can work together to further raise your profile and spread your message even further.

Maybe you would like to have your own regular column? Or, perhaps you would like to be a NW News 'Field Reporter', reporting on Nordic Walking news in your state, county, city or town? I am open to all offers and suggestions..

Simply, if you would like to use Nordic Walking News to put your message out there to Nordic Walkers across the world I am interested in giving you that opportunity.

I am able to offer reciprical benefits to all writers eg I will promote you, your business and your website via Nordic Walking News, NW e-Community and a 'new' Nordic Walking publication soon to be announced, in return for your articles.

Note: This form of reciprical arrangement is standard internet policy. It offers contributors the opportunity to promote their business for free, whilst the publication owner receives useable content in return.

Interested? In the first instance please email

Note: Even if you do not consider yourself to be a Nordic Walking expert that's not a problem! If you have expertise / knowledge in associated areas that would be of interest to Nordic Walkers, that knowledge / information can be adapted to a Nordic Walking theme...

Eg: You may be an expert in 'footwear', in which case you might write an article "The top 10 shoe buying tips for Nordic Walkers". An expert in Nutrition might write an article "Essential Nutrition tips for Nordic Walkers". An athletic coach might write an article - "Step by step 12 week training program to Nordic Walk your first half marathon". I'm sure you get the idea....

Of course many writers do not have any specialist knowledge in the particular field they write for! Instead their skill is researching a subject and then writing creatively based on their research.

Whatever you have knowledge or expertise in, if you would like to write for Nordic Walking News I would be very pleased to hear from you.

David Downer
Editor / Owner

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