Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Nordic Walking & Parkinson's Disease

In a study by Baatile et al. (2000), sixteen male Parkinsons Disease suffers all aged 72 years took part in an 8 week Nordic Walking training program They attended three times a week for one hour per session. It was concluded that regular Nordic Walking increased the perceived functional independence and quality of life of these Parkinson's Disease sufferers

David, you have a very useful blog here. I am new to Nordic walking since about the first of the year. Love it.

You didn't post the link for the Parkinson's study and it was a bit hard to find. It is not listed on the PubMed site. Among other things, the researchers had a small sample size, didn't use a control group, and specified the trademarked Exerstrider product. Taken together, it's not strong scientific evidence. Still, it seems to be a worthy preliminary study. The link is:
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